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I started blogging back in 2007 when I realized I'd never be a scrapbooker.  I wanted to catalogue the events of our lives because there was so much going on....things the kids would say or do, trips we took, things I wanted to remember.  This is the reason I continue to blog.  I like to keep friends and family updated on what we are doing because the people we most love in this world are not living close to us.  They live far away and can't share the day to day happenings with us.  This is one way that we can all stay a part of each other's lives.

Here are some quick facts about me....

  • I'm 5'1 1/2" tall...I like that extra 1/2 inch!
  • I'm a Texan and Hispanic so I do speak 3 languages....English, Spanish, and Tex-Mex...and at times I do have a Texas drawl, and I now permanently have a Minnesota accent.
  • I love dogs so now we have a Beagle named Tup.  We also have a bird and 3 fish in a saltwater tank.
  • I enjoy sewing, cooking, my Cricut cutter, knitting and crocheting, quilting, reading, and tea.
  • I'm 12 years younger than my husband.;)
  • I weigh and measure all of my meals because otherwise I'd compulsively overeat or under eat.
  • I haven't eaten sugar in 7 years, and even though I own a cookie decorating business, I've never tried one of my cookies.
  • I'm all about the smells and the bells, but this doesn't mean I'm a superficial person.  I believe that aesthetics help to usher us into meditation, contemplation, and is spiritually uplifting when used appropriately.
  • I'm big on hospitality.  If you ever come to visit, you can be sure of a hot breakfast, clean sheets and towels, possibly your own bathroom, a little chocolate on your pillow before you turn in, and a thank you note for visiting.
Here are some quick facts about us....
  • We have 8 children....5 girls and 3 boys.
  • We love animals.
  • We love beautiful things so we're very tidy and try to keep organized.
  • Traveling is a big part of our lives.  We travel to see family and to explore new places.
  • We love being outside and can't get enough of nature.
  • We are foodies and music junkies...all genres appeal to at least someone in this house.
We like getting comments, meeting new readers, and knowing where everyone's from.  Stop by and drop us a line.  We'd love to get to know you!


  1. Well now that I know there is turn down service at your house, we may be coming to visit sooner rather than later!

  2. did you go to iwhs? if so could you message me at bequiandefrain@sbcglobal.net..thx

    1. For fear this is spam, you can email me at pnglittlefieldatgmaildotcom if you still need to reach me with your question.

  3. I should have read your About pages long ago! We have much in common. Height, older husbands... lol! I don't have a Texas drawl, but I proudly attended Rice U!

    1. This is awesome, Monica! I always had a dream of attending Rice. Don't remember why, but just thought I'd mention that.:) It's a small world after all!

  4. Hello, dear Grace! I found your website while scrolling through "Like Mother, Like Daughter" this week--what a lovely surprise to see your smiling face. I have just one question for you: where did you get the Holy Trinity parish cookbook (which I think might be being purged?)? That's been my family's parish in Peachtree City for 20 years! Lesley Rice

    1. Hi, Lesley!!! Don't you just love Leila's and her daughter's blog? I get so much inspiration from it. I am so embarrassed to say that it is the cookbook from your parent's parish. You may not remember, but you gave that cookbook to Paul and me as a wedding gift. It was a hard decision to make to let go of it. But I honestly haven't used the cookbook that much. I received several as wedding gifts and honestly only use so many recipes frequently to feed of our family. You know, when something works it's worth repeating. I appreciate the thought with which the book was lovingly given. Thank you! On a happy note, you wrote a very kind note on the inside of the book on a piece of paper that was a correction to the book. I removed that piece of paper and will always treasure the note. I remember you fondly and that day I said a prayer that you are doing well! Many Blessings to you and let's keep in touch! If I remember correctly, you are on Facebook.:)

  5. Wonderful blog!I recently stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed it. I home school my two children. I nominated you for a blog award. You can check it out here.

    1. Thank you, Monique! I'll check that out. How flattering.:)


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