Friday, March 10, 2017

These Kids....

are growing up so quickly....almost too quickly!

I'm going to photo dump a heck of a lot of pictures here because our life has been so richly full and blessed and fuller and more blessed and fuller still.

Here goes:

Elizabeth at Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

She loves doing the altar work.  She says a little prayer when the candles are lit.
 Maria had her 16th Birthday, and Nick had his 7th Birthday.

A little fuzzy, but here they all are....many of the SCB Youth Group and extra friends had a fun late night of bowling the night before President's Day to celebrate just being a great group of friends!!

"I'm finally 7!!!"  Nick had a boy birthday party with some school friends that was, of course, crashed by Jane.  Plus it was pajama day at school so everyone came comfy and cozy!!!
Monica and Milah took Senior Pictures together at our neighborhood park in anticipation of their June Grad Party.  Love these girls!!!

There they go....They're off to great places.  Today is their day!!
 Plus there have been trips...crazy trips.  Monica is currently in LA with the concert choir from her high school.  They are touring and sightseeing and performing this weekend at two venues.  She spent extra time earlier this week with cousins on Paul's side.  And Maria is in Germany with the concert band from the same high school.  She fundraised and worked and fundraised some more just to get to go on this trip.  She was visiting Rothenburg two hours from Frankfurt where the group flew in.  Tomorrow she will be visiting Dauchau Concentration Camp and traveling to Salzburg, Austria.  Lucky girl!  We miss both girls terribly but are so happy they are visiting these wonderful and fun places.

Maria in Germany...

She said the food she had for lunch was so good.  This pretzel was one of her favorites ever!

Of course, she had to get a picture of a Birkenstock shop.  Of course!

Cute as a bug and stylish to boot!

Maria loved the pastel colored houses and cobblestone streets.  Rothenburg is a quaint medieval town.

She didn't give any details about this church, but it's beautiful!

And there you have it.  More updates will come as Maria and Monica give us more details about their trips.  For now, we are living vicariously through both of them! 

The rest of the kids are on Spring Break starting today.  So we'll be having a few outings and trying not to kill each other!


  1. Hey Grace! Just happened to check in and see these great pics. Wow, the children are growing so fast, and all so busy. Hope you are well. Sending you the warmest blessings from Florida :)

    1. Cathy! Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you are well....I'm good....busy, but good! I sure am happy to hear from you. Enjoy your good weather! Ours was pleasantly warm but has since dipped again into the 20's and teens.:( Oh, well. That's Minnesota for you....always unpredictable!


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