Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wow, Lots of Stuff Going on Here!

First off, I am now officially a University of Minnesota student.  I'll be taking my final exam tomorrow for my first class toward a Certificate in Interpretation.  My language pair, of course, is Spanish to English.  I am hoping to either certify as a medical or legal interpreter.  I can't believe I'm back in the classroom.  Somehow I feel like I never really left.  With homeschooling and being involved in the kids' academic careers, I've always felt connected to academics.  Now it's just more formal because I'm paying tons of money to sit in a desk!

In other news, Jane was named in June as part of our city's royalty program.  She's so cute and honestly one of my only kids who could actually do good in this role.  Jane is not shy and doesn't think about things too much or at least enough to scare herself out of doing them.  She'll be wearing her tiara and polo this evening at our Night to Unite block party.  I asked her if she's nervous to address everyone with a microphone.  She naturally said, "Of course not!"

Summer is now slowing down a bit.  We have fewer things on the calendar and are looking forward to a couple camping trips and the State Fair.  Blogging hasn't been on the top of my "to do" list so I'm surprised I remember how to do blogging basics!  Thankfully, the platform hasn't changed.  Otherwise, I'd be on another learning curve.  I have enough learning curves I'm on right now!!

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