Sunday, September 14, 2014

Update on Remodel....End in Sight!

The rest of the siding was put on the front entryway, the front columns were decked out with cedar, and the service door was repainted finally after 3 years!!!  It's amazing how all these little things start to come together to really finish up the project.  My screen door was also installed so we now we get more light in the entryway.  I love the screen door.  It has an internal screen so no more changing out screens or removing glass to clean both sides!!!!  With one quick motion I just pull down the top glass and the screen is right there.  If I don't want the screen, I just push the top glass up and it retracts into the top frame of the door.  AWESOME!!!

I also took out my spirea bushes in front and started working on re-landscaping west of the sidewalk.  I scored sod off Craig's List last Saturday so Paul and I had a date night to pick that up.  I just have to make a little list of the things I've purchased from Craig's List for this remodel.....

  1. Ceramic Floor Tile....a guy had the amount we needed left over from his cabin project so I picked it up for more than 1/2 off retail
  2. Refrigerator....a french door Maytag bought from a retired couple that was downsizing
  3. Stackable Washer & Dryer....bought from a guy who was upgrading his set
  4. Landscape Plants....bought from 3 different people who were thinning out their gardens
  5. Patio set
  6. Sitting Bench....this guy repainted the iron and removed and restained the slats for the's beautiful!
  7. Padded bench for entryway....guy was selling it for his daughter.  It really jazzes up the entryway and gives people a place to sit while putting on or taking off shoes.
  8. Sod....a landscaper had 42 rolls left over from a project.  I picked it up for 50% off retail, and it's just what we needed for the front yard.
I think that's everything.  I'll go back and add things if I remember them!

I also purchased corbels for the decorative piece at the peak of the garage.  I decided to have the builder put 2 corbels at the entryway to match the ones over the garage.  I bought these from Architectural Depot through Amazon.  We went with this type of corbel:

I decided to stain the corbels and the trim around the columns with a cedar stain.  Here's the stain I chose:

The stain color I went with is Cinnamon.

I've also been having lot of fun with the fam....State Fair, Back to School, and a photo shoot.

Jane & Nick posing for a picture at Little Farm Hands.

First Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade
I was also contacted by a gal who writes for our local Catholic paper and a few other national publications.  I made cookies for her daughter's baptism probably 3 years ago.  She's doing a piece on Catholic artists for a publication from Couple to Couple League.  I had to fill out a questionnaire and submit photos of my cookies and my self.  Maria received the prestigious title of "family photographer" so she was given the task of photographing me.  I sent the following pic to Christina, and the article will be published in November for their December issue!

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