Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lotsa Gardening

We asked for an estimate from a landscaper because the mess left after the bobcat seemed too overwhelming at the time.  However, the estimate came back way over budget.  So I decided to take on the project with the kids.  Paul & I did most of the work, but the kids did help with inside jobs....laundry, cleaning, meals, baby duty, and childcare.  I like the agreements we can come to in order to get a job done.

The space for the front flower bed is 17.5'x7.5'.  That's a lot of square footage!  We removed 5 inches of clay and rock from that bed.

I had a truckload of black dirt delivered from D Rock.....love that place!  After we loaded the flower bed with enough dirt for planting, we worked on grading it.  Paul and I then went back to D Rock for stepping stones and mulch.  I also met with a friend to plan out my garden.  She gave me tips and suggestions on plants and placement.

Paul and I chose rough cut Flagstone for the stone path.

We used gravel trap to set the stones in the dirt.  Then we put poly barrier down to keep the weeds out of the garden.

These are the plants I decided to use:  hostas, peach daylilies, a transplanted hydrangea, lamium, salvia, perennial geraniums, black eyed susans, white daisies, blanket & coneflowers, karl foerster grass, cat mint, ajuga, coreopsis, moss rose, purple vinca, and anise hyssop.  All of these except the hydrangea came from Craig's List from people who were splitting off plants.  It cost way less than a garden center!

We decided on red cedar for the mulch.  I love the look of the red background with the green foliage.

And here's the finished product in the daytime.  We picked up the patio chairs and side table from Craig's List for $20.  I tossed the cushions they came with and decided to use my own.

Now we have to tackle the sidewalk edge.  Unfortunately, I got mastitis yesterday and still felt like crap today.  I spent most of the afternoon in bed and am taking an antibiotic for the infection.  The baby is still nursing like a champ, but boy does it hurt!  I tried to do some digging on the trench for the edging but I didn't get very far.  My legs were so sore, and with a fever you just can't do much.

Next, we have to remove these bushes.  I had an azalea planted between two of them, but I removed it and it's now sitting in a bucket waiting for a miracle to happen.

This dirt pile also has to be removed, the new border made, and shrubs/plants need to be planted.  I'm going to plant spirea and sedum with various ground covers on the edges.  Then we need to reseed the lawn.  The new border will only be 4' from the sidewalk which will give the kids more grass in the front yard.  I also need to do a bit of grading so the lawn is more level.  Like I said....Lotsa gardening!!

It's been a fun and busy summer, but it's coming to a close.  We'll be going to the fair on Friday and continue working on various projects....painting, gardening, landscaping, and moving in....over the weekend.  School starts back up on Tuesday, but everyone's ready for it!


  1. It looks wonderful, Grace. So much work!!! But once done, don't you like to just sit there in your chairs and enjoy looking at the lovely the garden looks :)

    1. I really am enjoying the space! How's the grand baby? Fun & cute, I'm sure!

    2. Absolutely beyond my dreams - Wonderful!!! Starting to smile, laugh, and coo -And, so am I ;)


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