Monday, June 16, 2014

She's Here!!!

Elizabeth Marina Ruth
8lb. 7 oz. 21 1/2"
6/9/14 at 5:57am

She was resting with me in my hospital bed.  I loved snuggling with her while I was there.
Jane, Lucas & Elizabeth getting comfy on the couch

She's getting nicely filled out because she's a great nurser.  She's also a very mellow baby.

I'm also enjoying the time with my Mom.  She's here for a while.
I feel so badly not having blogged about little EMR until now.  Well, we've been otherwise occupied with nursing, healing, visiting, and keeping up with the remodel.  I need to take pictures of all that's going on.  Tomorrow is a big demolition day for the front entryway.  If I'm not a prisoner in my own home, I may get out to take pictures of the progress.  I'll just say it's big and it's awesome!!!!

Oh, Yeah!

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