Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Remodel: Picture Download

So here's the latest.....the front shrubbery and most of the landscaping was removed today.  Makes me want to go out and by a bobcat.  Imagine all the possibilities for quick landscaping projects!!!!  Also, a new doorway was created at the back of the garage and framing has begun on the mudroom.  Oh, and the builders started pounding out the front brick facade so they can start the garage extension.  Exciting!!!

Here's a quick BEFORE picture of the front of our house.....

Here's what happened over the last 2 days.....

Removal of columnar Buckthorn bushes

Removal of shrubs

Most of the front shrubs are gone.  I told them not to remove my hydrangeas!

That stake marks the distance where the front entryway will be extended to.

Knocked out brick facade to make room for garage extension

FRAMING of the Mudroom!!!!!

New doorway was cut out of the brick and the back door was put in there.

More framing!!!

There you have it.  I'm so amazed at the progress of the work.  I told Paul if he wanted to change his mind it's probably a little late for that!


  1. Wow!! So much going on - This is so exciting. Can't wait to see final result.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. It's so exciting from our perspective, too.:) Hope all is well with you....Happy Mother's Day!


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