Saturday, May 31, 2014

Birthday & Wedding Day

After another false labor alarm on Thursday, I needed a change of pace.  I was whooped yesterday with no real appetite and a lot of discomfort.  However, we needed to celebrate & had two good reasons to do so....Molly's birthday & Jen J.'s Wedding Day!  Jen's parents are Molly's godparents, the mother is Paul's cousin, and Jen also tutored Monica for Math last year so we were super excited to attend the wedding.  I honestly didn't think I would go, but after a shower and a cat nap, I felt psyched enough to get ready.  Here are a few pics...not so good, but the people in them are the beauties in my life that keep me going everyday!

Molly's Godparents & Parents of the Bride

The Bride & Her Parents

Fuzzy Photo but I love Jane's toothless grin & pose!

My 3 Oldest Beauties at the Reception
Molly's Godmother even included a cute flag on the chocolate cake in the photo above to honor Molly on her special day.  There was a gift bag waiting at her table as well.  A baby gift was also waiting at our table in sweet anticipation!  We were all so touched by their thoughtfulness.

I also took a few photos of what's blooming in the yard.  I always love all the color that we get in spring here in Minnesota.  I literally spoke out loud in the car, "I love my neighborhood!"  It is very gorgeous with color around the lake and in the yards.


It makes things definitely bearable when waiting for baby seems unbearable.  There is so much anticipation centered around this birth from parish members, friends, family, soccer coaches, neighbors, the kids....everyone wants to see this little girl!  It's incredible how much love and eagerness is surrounding this pregnancy.  It makes my heart jump and the tears flow when I think of getting one day closer to holding this little one and seeing that sweet little face!

I also have more AMAZING pictures to show of the remodel, but I haven't taken them yet.  It's incredible how far the workers have come, but that's for another post!


  1. Wow!!! So much going on, and you are a beautiful mother-to-be! Happy birthday to Molly, and anticipating pics of your sweet little girl. Lauren, my daughter, is in countdown also - 15 days :)

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I will keep your daughter in my prayers. Tell her to hang in there....these last days can be tough on everyone especially the Mommy-to-be.:)

  2. Grace, you are so sweet. Thank you for the prayers :)


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