Saturday, May 31, 2014

Birthday & Wedding Day

After another false labor alarm on Thursday, I needed a change of pace.  I was whooped yesterday with no real appetite and a lot of discomfort.  However, we needed to celebrate & had two good reasons to do so....Molly's birthday & Jen J.'s Wedding Day!  Jen's parents are Molly's godparents, the mother is Paul's cousin, and Jen also tutored Monica for Math last year so we were super excited to attend the wedding.  I honestly didn't think I would go, but after a shower and a cat nap, I felt psyched enough to get ready.  Here are a few pics...not so good, but the people in them are the beauties in my life that keep me going everyday!

Molly's Godparents & Parents of the Bride

The Bride & Her Parents

Fuzzy Photo but I love Jane's toothless grin & pose!

My 3 Oldest Beauties at the Reception
Molly's Godmother even included a cute flag on the chocolate cake in the photo above to honor Molly on her special day.  There was a gift bag waiting at her table as well.  A baby gift was also waiting at our table in sweet anticipation!  We were all so touched by their thoughtfulness.

I also took a few photos of what's blooming in the yard.  I always love all the color that we get in spring here in Minnesota.  I literally spoke out loud in the car, "I love my neighborhood!"  It is very gorgeous with color around the lake and in the yards.


It makes things definitely bearable when waiting for baby seems unbearable.  There is so much anticipation centered around this birth from parish members, friends, family, soccer coaches, neighbors, the kids....everyone wants to see this little girl!  It's incredible how much love and eagerness is surrounding this pregnancy.  It makes my heart jump and the tears flow when I think of getting one day closer to holding this little one and seeing that sweet little face!

I also have more AMAZING pictures to show of the remodel, but I haven't taken them yet.  It's incredible how far the workers have come, but that's for another post!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Remodel Update: Garage Trusses Are Up!

I finally decided to skip taking my camera out and just take a couple pics with my phone.  It's been so muddy after Monday night's rain that I've been extra careful when leaving the house.  There's also quite a construction zone in the garage and in front of it so we've had plywood bridges to cross from the threshold to the driveway.  Ugh!  It's been pretty tough to navigate.

Meanwhile, I've been feeling extra uncomfortable with baby.  I've also been feeling very tired.  I probably should have gone in for another iron infusion, but the week got away on me with the holiday on Monday.  I've also been alternating sleeping in bed and in my recliner during the night because I'm so uncomfortable.  I usually start out in bed and switch to the recliner around midnight.  I go back to my bed around 3 and get up at 5:45 to start the day.  Sometimes I sleep in until 6:40, but I like to help Paul out with his breakfast and packing his lunch.  So maybe that's why I'm so tired!

Anyway, here are the most recent pics of the remodel.  It's so exciting!!!!  I can see things taking shape, and I get so thrilled with the results.

It's gonna be big, huh!?  I wish I could show y'all pics of a beautiful newborn baby girl, but you'll have to wait for that.  Hopefully, my next post will be more thrilling than garage trusses!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday, Molly!

Molly's birthday is actually this Friday, but who knows how the week will go for us.  After a false labor and hours in the hospital last Tuesday, I don't know what to expect.  I've been having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, lightening, and the baby is definitely engaged.  However, the time will come when it comes.  We're expecting rain tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday so maybe the barometric pressure will get the waters moving!

With so much uncertainty, we planned a pre-birthday Birthday party for Molly with a few friends.  Here's the cake she picked out along with her color scheme.  I love when the kids take charge because it takes the pressure off of me to think of a theme!

Paul took the girls bowling this afternoon, picked up pizza on the way back, and they watched a movie together before cake & ice cream.  Molly has very thoughtful and crafty friends so she was very pleased with the gifts she received, too.  They are all such special girls!

It was getting so muggy and hot with all the lights on in the house we had to move the party out onto the deck.  The breeze was nice, and we didn't have to turn on the AC!

Happy 11th Birthday, Molly!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Update: Track & Field Day/Piano Recitals

I have to get outside and post more remodel pictures, but tons of baby pressure and contractions have kept me from really getting around the job site to do so.  I did, however, make it to Lucas's track & field day on Friday with Nick.  We stayed for about an hour until I couldn't take sitting on the bleachers anymore!  Here's a picture collage of what we stayed for....

It was a bit chilly, but the sun kept peeking out a few times which made us take off and put on our coats over and over.  I can't believe it's mid-May and we still have brisk weather!  

However, today we saw almost 70 degrees!  The sunny weather is evident in these pictures I took after the kids' piano recitals.  They were happy to be done with another season of piano and so thoroughly enjoyed the refreshments afterward!

Milah, the girls' best friend, was entrusted with the task of hair and nail artist so I had to showcase her work in some of the photos.  I am always so amazed at what she can do with hair!

Loving the Weather,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remodeling Update: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The rain has made it hard for the workers to dig holes to set footings for the garage extension and the entryway.  However, yesterday was a cloudy day with no rain so a lot of the soil dried out.  Today has been sunny, warm, and beautiful....perfect working weather!

Here are a few pics to show the progress:

Nick watching the digging from the front window.

Those are roof trusses that were delivered on Monday for the new garage roof extension. 
They gave us a little step to walk up into the mudroom.  We're using the door to the kitchen again for a while.
The doorway and walls were also framed last week.
 In other news, the pregnancy is going well.  My hemoglobin level, however, continues to be low.  Diet isn't working even though I eat very healthy food.  So my midwife gave orders for 2 IV infusions of iron.  I had a session yesterday.  It was not fun!  I am at the "see you every week until baby comes" stage so I'll have my hemoglobin checked next Thursday.  If my hemoglobin level goes up a gram, I won't need another session.  I'm praying that's the case.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Remodel: Picture Download

So here's the latest.....the front shrubbery and most of the landscaping was removed today.  Makes me want to go out and by a bobcat.  Imagine all the possibilities for quick landscaping projects!!!!  Also, a new doorway was created at the back of the garage and framing has begun on the mudroom.  Oh, and the builders started pounding out the front brick facade so they can start the garage extension.  Exciting!!!

Here's a quick BEFORE picture of the front of our house.....

Here's what happened over the last 2 days.....

Removal of columnar Buckthorn bushes

Removal of shrubs

Most of the front shrubs are gone.  I told them not to remove my hydrangeas!

That stake marks the distance where the front entryway will be extended to.

Knocked out brick facade to make room for garage extension

FRAMING of the Mudroom!!!!!

New doorway was cut out of the brick and the back door was put in there.

More framing!!!

There you have it.  I'm so amazed at the progress of the work.  I told Paul if he wanted to change his mind it's probably a little late for that!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Remodel: Week 1 Progress

The remodel is so exciting!  I am amazed at what can be accomplished with the right tools, time, and skill.  Footings were set down into the foundation for the mudroom portion of the remodel.  Today the framing was done.  Here are the pics.

Cool, huh?!

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