Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Remodel 2014 - Stage 1: Demolition

I like before and after pictures of other people's remodeling projects.  But I always find it hard to envision what their space really looked like before the transformation.  I don't expect anyone to understand what's going on in these photos.  Honestly, I'm very rusty on my photography so many of the pictures are blurry.  I did scoot out to the garage this morning to take some "before pics" so I can catalogue the transformation here.

The green walls are our kitchen walls.  This opening is to the tiny back entryway going out to our garage.  We had shoes lined up and organized all along those walls.  Two people obviously were still using this as an entryway this morning!

Those black scuff marks are where we had a small kids' coat rack for hanging coats and a basket for storing hats and mittens.

This is the west side of that little entryway where there was a closet.  We used a large stainless steel wheeled rack in here to store pantry items, more shoes, Paul's shop materials, and other things for going out the door. 

The pantry/closet had an accordion style door to keep things out of sight.  Paul likes that door so we might use it elsewhere in the house if it fits somewhere.

This is the garage side of the purple door that was in picture 1.  Notice the step that goes into the garage.  That's drywall on both sides of the door.

This is a picture of the garage wall and door going out to the backyard.  Note the studs and thus unfinished walls.  That is our second refrigerator.  It's going on Friday.  It was bought used and has been failing lately.  All the walls of the garage will be finished with insulation and drywall.

Here's another view of that step and the door.

 These following pictures were taken later today to show you how much demo. was done.

The purple door is now not flanked by drywall but studs and the brick of the house.  The builder reinstalled the door into the opening to the kitchen to keep the dust and cold out while his team works.

The entire entryway has been removed.  The entryway had that door on the left that led out to the backyard and onto the deck.  That door will be removed, the wall will be refinished to accommodate a window in that space.  My desk will go under the window.  There is an outline on the floor where the little room and step were. 

Here's a pic of the ceiling rafters.  That is a flat roof above that has a doorway to one of the bedrooms.  That will all be removed and refinished so the roof slopes...no more leaks!  And we would never use that crazy door anyway!

Here's another view of what's left after the little room was removed.  

Here's another close up of the outline of the entryway.  It really opens the garage space up.

So there you have it.  It's been noisy, dusty, and a bit emotional all day.  My pregnancy hormones are in high gear so when I heard them ripping up the walls, I almost lost it!  Our builder says we're gonna love it when it's finished.  I think I all ready do!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Easter Wrap Up

I was actually in bed sick with stomach flu on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday so that was a bit of a bummer.  Paul and the kids actually baked the ham for themselves!  I was dreaming in my bed of getting up and preparing lunch for them, but it didn't happen.  I was in pain with contractions and stomach cramps and had a fever.

Paul was off most of last week because he's between trimesters.  We went out to lunch with three of the kids to celebrate Easter Monday.  It was nice the stomach bug was only a 24 hour thing.  We honestly go from the frying pan into the fire around here because I only had a few days of rest before I started working again on putting together Gabe's First Communion Party.  It was a beautiful day!  We had sunny weather, not too cool, and had a blast with just a few guests.

Just a bit more lip gloss before Mass begins!

The only way Paul could tie Gabe's tie was to begin it on himself!

 It was such a special day with family, friends, and most of all The Holy Eucharist.  I love that our parish chooses to have First Holy Communion Mass the weekend after Easter Sunday.  It's a perfect time!  He was so nervous at Mass, but afterward he whispered to me, "I survived!"

God Bless You, Gabriel!
First Holy Communion-
April 26, 2014
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