Friday, March 21, 2014

Bringing Me Out of Hiding

Thanks to Julie for bringing me out of hibernation mode!  I apologize for not writing in this space for quite some time.  It's been very difficult with winter hanging on for so long with the extreme cold temperatures and just being older for this pregnancy.

It's also been difficult with two of the girls doing online school all day.  In the mornings, I'm usually getting myself ready for the day and the little kids ready for school.  After 9 o'clock, the computers are basically taken over by the 2 homeschoolers for papers, online classes, or lessons.  It's been quite different this school year.  However, I'm not complaining....I love it!  Everyone seems to be happy, but I hate to get on a computer when it can be used for school work during the day.

So what about blogging the rest of the day?  Well, honestly, I've been running around picking up kids from school, getting them to lessons or basketball practices, cooking, and resting.  This is a much different pregnancy.....I'm older, I have more children (some older & some younger).  The bottom line is everyone needs something sometime during the with school work, to be shuttled or picked up, scheduling needs to happen, laundry, cooking, straightening.  It's a tall order.

The pregnancy is going well.  I'm in my 28th week and my due date was moved up to June 10 which means I'll probably deliver at the end of May.  The baby is measuring larger and at 29 weeks.  I've had 2 ultrasounds since I'm at higher risk for potential problems, but so far so good.  The doctor said the baby looks great and is a big baby!  We have a name picked out for our little girl but will leave that a surprise for the birth.  And, yes, she will have 3 names like the last 4 kids do.

Well, that's all I have time for.  Jane just came downstairs and has been sick all week with relatively high fevers.  She contracted a cold sore that overwhelmed her body and has a severe case of HSV that has affected every spot of her lips, her gums, molars, throat, and inner cheeks.  We finally have her on an antibiotic and lysine for the lip sores.  The trouble has been keeping her happy, hydrated, and watching her since she can't eat or drink anything more than pudding, popsicles, milk, and water.  So I have to go now.  It looks like her lips are sealed shut and need to be moistened so she can open her mouth.

That's what it's like with 8's a lot!  Thanks for being patient.:)

Happy Spring!
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