Monday, January 27, 2014

Hope for the Winter

As I finished my morning snack I was transported to warmer summer days.  I chose to eat a piece of grilled chicken for my protein, and the taste was incredible!  It's hard to think those days will come again when the temp is well below zero, but grilled meat will do that to you.

Paul braved the frigid weather on Saturday evening to grill for us.  I was surprised he wanted to, but when your grill master has the urge to get out there, you have to accommodate him.  

Paul grilled for us when we visited my mom last July.
I forgot to chill a beer for him, but I thawed out plenty of meat:  a package of ribs, 4 rib steaks, and 2 packages of chicken.  I barely seasoned any of it because just the taste of the charcoal was all we really wanted.

He dressed for the weather, shoveled a little path through the snow, cleaned off his grill, and found the lump charcoal.  He stood there fanning the coals into flame using the snow shovel!  He's such a die-hard. I wish I had taken a picture of him.  He looked like an eskimo without the fur-lined hood!   

It's a sad little grill, but it does the job!
Well, the taste of that chicken gave me hope that summer will come again.  Warm sunny days, time on the hot deck, playing in the pool, and walks around the park will all return.  They always do.  For today, I have to enjoy the sunshine from inside as I wear my wool socks, layers of clothing, and drink tea.


  1. Yes, I've heard about your low, low temps on the radio. Your husband is a marvel! (Chill a beer? Why didn't you just throw it out into the snow to chill? :D)

    1. Your comment made me laugh out loud!!:) It's been crazy cold this month. Tomorrow will mark the 5th cancelled day of school due to the sub-zero temps. It's been a little nuts having all the kids home so I've had to homeschool methods. Thankfully, I have workbooks, we've done puzzles, I'm knitting a sweater and hat for the baby, and they've watched a few movies. Wednesday will get up to 20 so that will be a nice reprieve.:)

  2. Hi, I've been reading your blog, I cannot find any email adress to write to you. :( and I have a question about your daughter ( and her problems with genes.

  3. Hey Grace - Hope all is well in the frozen north.

  4. Hello again, Grace. I do hope you are okay. It is unusual for you to take a break from blogging for this long. I am praying for you and your family - including the littlest one. You are not alone. Love, Julie


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