Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays

I have no problem saying "Happy Holidays" to people during this time of the year.  I think it's because I live the liturgical seasons of the year.  Honestly, we are in the season of Advent, we celebrated the feasts of St. Nicholas, St. Ambrose, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Lucy.  We also celebrated Gaudete Sunday.  So, yes, there are a lot of "holy days" in this month and the next.  And we are not stopping there.  We are now celebrating the O Antiphons, there will be 12 days of Christmas, the feast of the Holy Innocents, Mary the Mother of God, and St. Stephen.  Is that enough holy days for you?  So do I get upset when someone doesn't wish me Merry Christmas?  They better not wish me Merry Christmas….YET!!!  I'm not there yet!  I'm taking each holy feast day one day at a time.  So, yes, I began our yearly newsletter with "Happy Holidays" because I'm not just stopping my festal celebrations at Christmas.

In case you were wondering, Paul provoked me!

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