Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pie Baking, Kid Wrangling

I felt super-overwhelmed this morning having all the kids but one home today.  I don't know how I home schooled all of them before!  I'm such a wimp now.  So I decided to pull a few tricks out of my home school Mommy hat and improvise.

I set up two work stations for the boys to make the pumpkin pies....

Lucas and Gabe did a great job and were very willing to don their aprons and roll up their sleeves to help out.  Those pies are now baked and finished and ready for whipped cream tomorrow!

Next, I put Molly on apple pie duty.....

Grandpa's apples....very organic, very nature intended!

I worked the corer, peeler, slicer; but Jane came over to crank the last two apples through.  She was so proud of herself for helping.  *Note to self:  teach Molly how to level off using a straight edge and not her finger!!

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