Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keeping Busy: Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

I've found that keeping busy usually helps with the nausea.  It probably just helps to keep my mind off of feeling terrible.  I also have a lot to do so it all works well together.  I've been excited to be in the kitchen.  I've always found it very therapeutic and something about making food for Paul and the kids always makes me feel like a better mother.

Yesterday, I was feeling the morning.  Usually the nausea doesn't hit until after lunch, but yesterday I was slammed right around 10 in the morning.  I quick called Nick over to the kitchen, handed him his apron, and told him we were going to bake something.  He hopped up on the counter top and proceeded to narrate as I worked.  He's a great kitchen sidekick!  We whipped up 6 pie crusts, 4 loaves of bread, and prepared our roll dough.  I froze the shaped roll dough after several internet searches assuring me I can thaw the dough over night in the fridge and let it rise the next day as normal.  We'll just see if that all works out!

Today, I decided I'm too early to start baking any pies.  I think I'll wait a few more days before baking and freezing the pecan pie.  The apple and pumpkin pies will be made the day of or the day before.  I plan to roast the turkey on Sunday, and I bought a smaller turkey for roasting the day of just so there's roast turkey smell in the house.  Yum!

A couple months back, I made the decision to buy a quarter of beef to have in the freezer.  It was a great deal for all the poundage I purchased.  Unfortunately, I received six packs of soup bones to which Paul was ultimately disgusted.  What do you do with soup bones?  I decided to pull the packages and prepare for making a huge batch of beef bone stock.  After more internet searches, I am finding out there is a lot of nutritive value to beef broth.  Not to mention you can have your own broth on hand for soups and stews.  I'm all for that!  I figure I can also can it and squirrel it away to use later or even MUCH later.

The bottle of Malbec in the background (Argentinian Wine) was opened on Sunday.  I served it with braised beef short ribs since Monica was doing a presentation on Argentina for Spanish class.  Who says you can't do "homeschoolish" things with a public school kid?
Since I have six packages of bones, I'll roast them in the oven to get them nice and browned, but I'll make the broth in my stock pot. I was so drawn to using the crock pot to make the stock since it's out of the way, so to speak.  However, with this many bones, I think the stockpot is the better way to go.  I'm excited to see the product.

Likewise, I am in desperate need of poultry broth for my gravy and stuffing for next week.  Thankfully, I'm roasting the turkey on Sunday.  That should give me plenty of time to debone the turkey and make more stock!

I tell you, it's been awesome having kids in school and two at home that basically homeschool themselves.  I have time during the day to bear my nausea, read, and slave away in the kitchen.  Oh, I also get ample time to do laundry, clean, and do a lot of the administrative stuff of running a household.  Phew!  Imagine all the time I have!

All kidding aside, I really do love to be in the kitchen and at home.  Homemaking is definitely my bailiwick. I really do find great joy and satisfaction in it.  I'm also getting super excited for our newest addition.  When I look at the other kids and marvel at the amazing people they are, I get so excited to have another sweet flower in our field.  The girls are beautiful and talented and the boys are affectionate, handy, and skilled.  Even Nick with his "Dark Evader" apron is a help to me.  Even if he can't say Darth Vader, it's something I'll be mumbling in my 90's remembering the gems of my homemaking and motherhood!

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  1. Grace, you are so organized. I thank you for this post, because it made me realize that if I plan quite in advance, and at least know what I am wanting to do, things will go much better. Of course, I already know this, but for some reason you get entrenched in whatever and forget these vital things. :) God bless!


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