Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Bokeh

I am so intrigued by cool photography effects.  I am certainly not good at getting any cool effects in my pictures, but this evening I forced myself to watch a tutorial on how to achieve the bokeh effect.  Here are a couple of the results.....

I think Nick's is good....natural, nice close up, and very distinctive large circles of light off to the side.  You can't really tell it's the tree lights.  (BTW....we set up our Advent tree and decorations today at the children's request.)  So what do you think?  Needs work, right?  Finding willing subjects is the greatest challenge here.  That and getting all the equipment and lighting set up....sheesh!  Is it worth it?  Don't know....maybe.  The jury is still out!


  1. ok, there, I finally got you added back to my reader. It's taken me forever to rebuild my reader feed after Google!
    I love these pictures, so good! Also I can't believe you made beef broth with nausea. You are superwoman.

    1. Hey, thanks! I know, huh? Google Reader shutting down really through me for a loop, too. You know, the beef broth didn't really bug me. It's being tired in the middle of the day and at the end of the evening that really makes me nauseous.


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