Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Update: Home Remodel & Feeling a Bit Better

I thought of participating in Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, or in 7 Quick Takes; but I just don't have the energy to do all the writing or link-ups.  However, I did want to update you all on the plans for the house.

I met with a builder this morning.  He's done work for us before and wanted to get a more recent look at the house.  He took measurements, we sat and viewed my Pinterest boards, he gave me advice about the proposed mudroom and garage.  He also gave me a time line.  I was really hoping to break ground soon and have the interior work completed over the winter months.  But with cost of working in the winter being much higher because of the frozen ground, we should really wait until March to start the project.

Here's a proposed plan from the architect for the interior work:

And this is the proposed plan for the exterior front view of the house:

Here's a front view of our house currently:

Hee, hee....just kidding!
OK, here's the real pic of the front of our house.....

With the proposed plan the garage will be built out pushing it further into the driveway area.  The front of the garage will likely be at the end of the small curved sidewalk that leads up to the front door.  The front entryway will also be built up forward to match the garage and not be set so far back.

I also am getting a handle on the nausea of the pregnancy.  The plans for the house also put my mind at ease.  When I see all of us struggling for space and organization and squeezing around in the kitchen, I feel super-overwhelmed.  I know we can squeeze a baby in any space in the house and in our hearts, and he or she will grow there becoming another integral part of our family.  It's awesome that babies start out small!  Items can be purchased or borrowed, and all will be well when this baby arrives.  It also feels better now that most of our friends and family know.  I feel the prayers of those around us who know how overwhelmed I get.  All those prayers are buoying my spirits.  

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