Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day-Trip

We decided to have one last hurrah before the school year starts tomorrow.  Yes, that's right....MN waits until after the State Fair to send the kiddies back. Actually, Minneapolis school district and St. Agnes school started last Monday.  

Our day trip was an outing an hour south of the cities to Redwing.  It's a cute little river town with beautiful landscaping, bluffs and scenic overlooks, well groomed parks, and antique shops.  We packed lunches for the day and picnicked near the river.  It was cold this morning.....60s so the kids donned pants and sweatshirts.  

We had fun at Universal Park playing and walking along the river.  It started to warm up and is now back in the 70s.  Yippee!  

Wrapping up last week since I haven't posted in a while, we went to the state fair last Monday.  It was a lot of fun until we left for the afternoon and noticed Gabe wasn't with us!  Paul actually left the fair and took the other kids home because they were so tired.  I stayed back with the police for at least an hour longer waiting and hoping to find Gabe.  We finally decided to wait at one of the offices across the fairgrounds since that's where he would be returned if found by an officer.  I was very worried and felt sick that I had lost him.  As we walked back in desperation, one of the officers helping me thought he saw Gabe in an arcade.  Sure enough it was Gabe!  He had gotten distracted while we were all standing at a performance.  When he turned around,  we were gone.  He decided to walk back to some of the places we had last visited and finally stopped by a tree along the main road to wait for us to pass by.  When we didn't, he went into the arcade to watch people play.  He stayed along the doorway so I would see him.  When asked why he didn't go to an officer, he said he was scared.....understandable.  Police officers are big and can seem scary to little kids.  I never though of that!  He cried.  I cried.  We went to get him some dinner.  

I guess that's why I didn't blog about the fair.  I wanted to forget that day.  I also didn't blog about the rest of the week because I've had a lot of emotions around the start of school.  We had two Meet & Greet/Parent Nights at the Spanish immersion school and the high school.  I was sad most of the day Thursday because Jane will be starting Kindergarten at the Spanish school while Monica will be starting as a freshmen at the high school.  

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion for the week!  Plus I had to get excited about my two homeschooled girls that will still be home with me for the school year.  I just couldn't get in the groove enough with that to get fully organized.  I did get our school area organized, looked through books, and set up online accounts, but I just couldn't get excited about it enough to help the girls anticipate their first day of school.  

So here's the breakdown of what everyone is doing this year:

Mon-local high school freshmen
Mar-Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVA) K12 - grade 7
Mol-MNVA - grade 5
Luc-Spanish Immersion grade 3
Gab-Spanish Immersion grade 2
Jan-Spanish Immersion grade K
Nic-Preschool down the road 2 days a week

So we've really taken a turn at trying a lot of different things for our schooling this year.  The kids are excited, and I'm happy with where they'll be.  Looking back at our full-fledged homeschool days, there are a lot of great memories.  The kids are very good friends as well as siblings.  We enjoy being together as a family.  We even made matching shirts for the state fair!

I'll try to be better at updating this blog to show the progress and fun, ups and downs of our school year.  Today has been a great time for us to reconnect and spend a day together before all that begins.  You know, it will be more of the's just large family life being lived!

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