Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Gotta Show You Something....

I was feeling super overwhelmed with the thought of packing 4 daily lunches for the out-of-the-house school kids.  I just couldn't get the ideas of freezing PB and J's or buying pre-packaged food into my head and accepting that it had come to that.  It was after reading a few things online that I decided to give the frozen sandwich a whirl.  I also read up on pre-packaging food for grab-and-go lunches.  This is what I came up with.....

Dry Snacks...granola bars and packaged cookies (3 minis to a baggie)

Sandwiches.....this is a terrible picture, but rest assured there are 3 types of individually packaged sandwiches in this bin.  I made ham and cheese (labeled HC), turkey and cheese (labeled TC), and cheese (labeled C).  I'm so genius with my labeling!!!

Fruit Bin & Dairy Section......individually packaged apples that were soaked in lime juice and pre-packed blueberries that I found at Costco.  I also caved and purchased Yoplait and Gogurt.  Ugh!  But the kids like them.

Cheese and Veggie Bins.....3 different kinds of cheese (cheddar, string, and Baby Bells).  The veggie bin has pre-packed baby carrots I found at Costco and cherry tomatoes that we packed ourselves.  

Frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.  You can see the process at this link.  I did exactly what she said and so far, so good.  The kids really like them!

Frozen grape packs.....the jury is still out on whether or not these are a go.  I figured we'd try and see if the kids eat them.  The feedback I received from fresh grapes is that they get warm and mushy over the day so that was out.  I wonder if starting with a frozen grape will make a difference.

The idea here is that the kids can pack their own lunches if things are pre-packaged for them.  With a little instruction and a trial run on our Labor Day outing, the kids were able to see what they could actually eat in one sitting.  Taking one of everything was too much so I told them to pair it down and only take the things they think they'd actually have time to finish.  I don't want a lot of waste and yet I know there will be some.  Kids get distracted eating with other kids.  And then there is the "gross out" factor.....when kids talk and chew with their mouths open.  My kids can't stand that and have gotten sick more than one time.

Now my job is to keep all the bins, compartments, and the freezer stocked with food.  But for this week and maybe next, we're good to go!!


  1. Grace, you've really outdone yourself here! I don't have any at school, but may take some of your ideas to streamline lunch. Great work my friend!

    1. Thanks! I was wondering why I never did this before. It would have made so much difference even before this. I'm glad you can benefit.:)

  2. We love the apple prepacks from Costco. I need to cut down on our lunch time, I've been thinking about having kids pack their night before. I'm curious about the frozen grapes - will you do a follow up? Before we did homeschool, I felt like I was a slave to lunchbox prep and cleanup. I'm so impressed with your plan here!

    1. Thanks! I will surely do a follow up on the frozen grapes. I was a slave to lunchbox prep last year with just two boys at school and Paul at work. I've made his lunch for him almost every morning for 15 years. I still drag my feet about it.:( However, he's even liking the new set up, and I'm a lot happier and less resentful.:)


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