Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WWRW: The Idiot

I love to be read to.  And Paul likes to read to me.  It's just that it takes us years to get through a book.  He's a big Russian Lit. fan so Dostoevsky is our drug of choice when it comes to bedtime reading.  We made our way through Crime and Punishment which took about 4 years to finish.  No joke!  Paul doesn't read every night and when he does, it's only 15 minutes max.  Next we read Brothers Karamazov.  That took probably 6 years to get through!  It was great to finally finish that one.  Now we are reading The Idiot.

I love the way Paul begins each reading session...."The last time our hero was...."  So far our intrepid hero is going to meet with a general because Nastasya Filippovna is having a big party.  The idiot is a prince....not a real one....just a title.  Anyway, he's supposed to get the general into the shindig.  Nastasya is a problem pitting one person against another plus she's an "entertainer."  I use the term "entertainer" loosely.  Myshkin, the idiot, is naive has epilepsy and is torn between the love of two women.  I guess that would make you an idiot.

So with this, I'm linking up to Jessica's meme.


  1. Oh, my goodness - Crime and Punishment for night reading!!!! When I read that book, I remember gripping it tightly in my hands the whole time, it was so.....gripping. Not conducive to sleep!

    1. I usually fall asleep when Paul reads to me so I probably slept through all the gruesome parts. Also, we'd both read it before so it was nothing we hadn't already psychologically worked through.:)


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