Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wrapping Up the Week

It's been over a week since I've blogged and a lot has gone on around here.  For one thing, we had a birthday....

I made this cake to celebrate!  It's a homemade peach cake.....3 layers with peach filling and peach buttercream frosting.  The swirled roses really caught my eye so I knew this was what I wanted to make for Monica.  She's 14....I can't believe it!  She already has her schedule and locker combination for school which starts September 3rd.  This will be her re-entry into school....High School.  She started soccer two weeks ago, has had 2 hour practices every evening and 2 games.  It's a new challenge playing on a high school team, but she loves it.  

Molly has been bored enough to ask for projects to get her through the afternoons.  I guess for her, school can't start soon enough.  We picked up a couple suncatchers over at Joanne's.  I hung them up in the kitchen window overlooking the sink.  I like to see them dangling there when I look out into the backyard to check on Nick and Jane.

 Paul took 6 of the kids on the Covenant Keeper's Camp Trip again this summer.  It was a bit challenging to pack up the van since our road has been torn up for replacing some of the large concrete panels.  It's been crazy with noise, dust, and not being able to park in our driveways.  You can't even walk down the street because it's so dirty and broken up in so many places.  It will be great when it's done (emphasis on when!).

Many hands make light work....

And it's always a good idea to employ your Burley bike trailer and a wagon.

Here's a shot of the birthday girl and Paul as they were headed out to meet the rest of the dads and kids for a special blessing at the church from our parish priest.  It's always a special send off.

Meanwhile, Nick and I have had a full weekend.  We've taken the dog on plenty of walks around the park and had breakfast on the deck this morning.

I even ventured to get into the pool with him this afternoon.  I hate getting wet, but I knew he would have more fun in the pool if I was in there with him.  It was very relaxing floating in a ring while Nick played war with a pool noodle.  Oh, the fun of a 3 year old!  

We also went shoe shopping and went to Mass so we can sleep in tomorrow morning.  I guess you can say we're on vacation, too!


  1. Grace, that frosting!!! Incredible.
    A happy birthday to Monica, as well!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It was real easy to do.:) I'll relay the good wishes to Monica.

  2. The cake is SO awesome. I love the rose look! Peaches, yum!

    1. Thank you! The kids loved the cake....everything about it.:)


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