Thursday, August 1, 2013

PHFR: Fifty and Some Change

round button chicken

I'll not tell you how old Paul is exactly.  I'll just say he's fifty and some change!  He still is youthful enough to keep up with the O-Team.  I think he actually has more energy than most dads out there.  He's always super happy, easy going, and fun to have fun with.  Now for the contentment I found today....yippee!  I'm so glad to be a part of this link up this week!

Pretty....was the day and the weather we had today.  Nick and I stayed at the park while Molly was in her tennis lesson.  Later in the evening, we all took a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis for Paul's birthday. the little boy that joined me at the park this morning.

Funny....There's a balance beam at the park the kids love to play on.  I found out yesterday they call it "The Tootsie Roll".  When I saw it today I realized it does look like a tootsie roll!  I laughed to myself about how kids associate things with food in their world.  Molly also made me laugh when we drove back from lessons and summer school.  Lucas was mentioning the different religions of the kids in his class....don't know why they were discussing that.  Turns out one kid is Greek Orthodox.  Molly asked what they believe or worship and wondered if they worship Greek gods!  I guess we need to study world religions this think? the number of times we forget to use the restroom before an outing and have to use an outdoor biffy when we get there....UGH!!!


Joining the gang over at Like Mother, Like Daughter after a long hiatus!

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