Thursday, August 8, 2013

Catholic In The Twin Cities: We've Got It Goin' On!

I am so blessed....blessed beyond measure!  I often wonder, as does Paul, if we should move back to Texas where there are considerably more like-minded people who believe what we believe spiritually, politically, and socially.  But then I get a string of emails that brighten up my day, my evening, my week!

The first email I received this evening was a reminder of an upcoming Women's Book Club that a dear friend of mine has decided to spearhead for some chosen women in our parish.  Chosen....hah!  We are just gluttons for over-scheduling ourselves during the school year!  We are actually using the program promoted by Marcie Stokman, The Well-Read Mom.  I didn't attend this year's Catholic Home School Conference, but my friend did.  She came back from the conference eager to start her own group.  So we are embarking on The Year of the Mother.  You can check the site here to see what we'll be reading in the upcoming year....exciting!  Isn't this logo striking?  I love it!

The second email that popped into my Inbox was an invite for an evening hosted by the Siena Symposium.  This is a group of highly educated, articulate, and attractive women from the University of St. Thomas that also collaborate with the St. Paul Seminary.  They provide exciting forums for the women of the archdiocese to grow in virtue, holiness, and intellect.  I took this directly from the SPS website promoting the event:

On the evening of August 15, 2013 and the Feast of the Assumption, the Symposium is sponsoring an Evening of Reflection marking the 25th Anniversary of Mulieris Digntatem, John Paul II's Apostolic Letter on the Dignity and Vocation of Women.  We will begin with Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop Lee Piché, followed by a panel discussion on the significance of the document, the mission of women, and their spirituality. The event is co-sponsored by The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, the Center for Catholic Studies, and the Archdiocesan Office of Marriage, Family, and Life. Click here for more information.

Siena Symposium's logo
St. Catherine of Siena

Further, there is another event coming up in October by the Argument Club for Women.  This evening will be held at St. John the Baptist in New Brighton, a hotbed for Catholic evangelization initiatives.  This is also from the same site:

The Symposium is proud to support a new initiative in the Archdiocese: The Argument Club for Women.  Unequivocally committed to the Church's teaching on contemporary issues, the Club is a civil and public forum for debating questions of importance to women.  The next event is the evening of October 1, 2013 at St. John the Baptist in New Brighton when the topic will be "Is Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage a Form of Bigotry?"  Click here to visit their facebook site for more information.

ACW's Facebook logo image
St. Joan of Arc
I can't wait for the school year to start!  

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