Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How It's Been Going....Dogs & Cake

So far so good!  Maria is enjoying her Jr. Show classes over at Animal Inn.  It was my turn to drive her out there so we spent the evening watching dogs....her learning about judging since her loner dog didn't show up.

Maria was fooling around with my camera learning about the new lens.

As far as our dog, Tup, goes, he's doing well....getting comfortable.  Ok, maybe getting a leeetle too comfortable!

The camera clicks woke him up, but he just rolled to one side and continued to snooze.  I love the way his ears flop open when he sleeps.  They're soooo velvety soft!  I know it looks like he doesn't fit in his kennel, but he likes it.  He actually has two, and the other one is significantly larger.  However, he prefers to play in the larger one and sleep in this one.  Paul says he probably feels comfy cozy here no matter if he's cramped.  We'll keep him kenneled when we can't supervise him until he's completely house trained.  As for his naps, we usually leave the kennel door open so he can lie down for a nap.  It's funny how the kids wear him out so he has to nap.  Heck, they wear me out!

Tomorrow we have a birthday!  I always do very specific Google searches like "easy blueberry muffins that I can make in 20 minutes" or "best marinade for fish that doesn't need 4 hours."  Last night I was looking for a good German Chocolate Cake recipe, but all the ones I found required sifting, melting, specific kinds of chocolate, etc, etc.  Bottom line for many of these recipes was about 4 hours of prep time with 35 minutes of baking.  No thank you!  I finally typed in "best and easiest chocolate cake recipe."  I found 3 sites that all talked about the same recipe.  When one of the sites is Ina Garten's, you should probably take it as a good one.  However, I didn't want a fussy icing recipe that required tons of time in front of a stove.  So I went with Lulu the Baker's version of the recipe plus her frosting recipe.  These are the yummy results!

The cake smells amazing!  And the frosting was SO easy to make.  The girls and I worked on prep, baking, and frosting.  I pressed chocolate jimmies on top to make it more of a manly decorated cake.  All the decorating ideas I found online are so feminine and frilly.  A little messy with no frills is perfect for Paul!  Now to make sure the girls can pull off the birthday song, I downloaded sheet music for the occasion.  I hope they can do it!

Sorry for putting a dog and a cake in the same post, but that's the way we roll these days!


  1. We are the proud owners of 2 senior greyhounds (9 and 12 years old), and past owner of multiple greyhounds and lover of all things dogs!! Our path to dog ownership started with two adoptees from the Humane Society - a lab mix and shepherd mix. They loved their crates, they were in and out of them all day long. And, our kids were taught to leave the dogs alone when they were in the crates, like they were in their bedroom. And, I love this sleep position - the cockroach position! Total relaxation and abandon :)

    1. Speaking of the dog....he's snoring away in his kennel as I type this reply.:) He's so cute!


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