Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storms, Gardening, Dogs, Texas....Oh My!

I've been very quiet around here because we've been so busy.  I honestly will sit down to post and think  of all the things I should be doing so those moments just don't seem right to jot anything down here.  So here goes a little update on the last week or so....

Storms....we had a big one with straight line winds that caused almost 1/2 million power outages and lots of water damage.  My brother suffered a major flood in his apartment and is waiting for his carpet to be replaced.  We spent the good part of Saturday helping him with laundry, food, and emotional support.  This is not my picture, but we had several uprooted trees in the area as a result of the storm.

Gardening.....I've been thinning out my front beds.  My evergreen bushes were severely overgrown so I wasn't sure how to deal with them.  I found a site that was quite encouraging in just whacking them down to the stumps and starting over.  I think it looks great now, and I have room enough to possibly add two more flowering bushes to add color to that area.  Here's what's blooming in the yard....

The little path is now visible.  The arc of bushes on the right was completely overgrown to the sidewalk
and right over the path.  Now you can see the banners better!

Dogs....We are probably getting another dog.  Whatever happened to our last dog?  Well, he only stayed with us for a month.  I think I may have forgotten to update you all on that.  It just didn't work out because he became too aggressive with Lucas.  He had some background issues that we were not aware of, but that's the chance you take with a rescue.  So here we are looking for a dog again.  Maria is the driving force behind that.  She's been saving her money, taking small jobs, and researching dog breeds.  She also started taking conformation classes at Animal Inn in Lake Elmo to learn how to handle and show dogs for competition.  She's using a retired show dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and loves it!

I took Maria, Lucas, and Molly to the Anoka County Dog Show in Cambridge last Friday to see the different breeds.  It was a lot of fun to watch the shows, the kids, and the dogs.  We spent most of the day out there talking to breeders, owners, and looking for a dog.

One of Maria's favorite breeds, West Highland White Terrier, getting ready to get in the ring.
One of the little gals (green dress) from the Jr. Show Training class in the ring with a Corgi.  She won in her group!

Texas....I'm headed to Texas again this Saturday.  Paul and I are driving down with Nick and Jane to visit Grandma and help her out with a few things.  I love road trips so this one should be good!  The other 5 kids are super excited to spend a week with this lovely family.  They will be house guests and, hopefully, big helpers to the mother!  It will probably be a 4th of July they will not likely forget.

Here's a gratuitous pic of Jane....

Have a Happy 4th!


  1. Wow, Grace, you have been so busy! We have had some severe storms, too. I am glad you were mostly unscathed. Have a great road trip and... Happy 4th July to you all! Jane looks great

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I was out of town for the 4th in Texas to see my mother. It was a great time.:) Jane is a cutie pie....thanks for affirming my biased opinion.:)


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