Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day: Remembrance

Mass was very hard today.  I was totally blind-sided even though I read about holiday and anniversary grief in these books...


They have been excellent books for me, and I highly recommend them.  They really take the scare out of the inevitable and help to shed light on the beauty that can be enjoyed with a loved one.  I enjoyed the last moments of my dad's life with my mom and siblings, and I will be forever grateful for that.  One of my awesome and smart sisters summarized what we experienced in an email she sent to me:
I had prayed a lot over the last 2 years for God's mercy and blessings for his suffering. His passing after Pentecost brought a lot to my mind and maybe it's because of the classes that he was so gracious to guide me through and that I was so privileged to facilitate; but, it reminded me of Christ and his apostles and how he sat, ate, drank and broke bread with them and told them I will not remain with you physically but I will never leave you. Dad, too, asked us repeatedly " have you not heeded what I have taught you" - and yet he taught us longer than just three years.
What Dad gave us was the his last greatest gift and that is, we lived as true apostles because I truly saw Christ present in him more so than I ever had because our hearts were opened and our eyes truly saw. Our faith, our love, everything was present. Dad poured out every fruit of the Holy Spirit - wisdom, counsel, understanding, knowledge, piety, fortitude and fear of the Lord and from those gifts, I saw every fruit present in all of us as we stood together as family.
Isn't that amazing?  We were so truly blessed.  We are not fatherless.  We still have a father that is of more use to us now than he ever was.  He can pray for and love us eternally.  I talk to him throughout the day and ask him for help with little things around the house.  I know he intercedes for me.  I see him in Paul because they were/are both such dedicated fathers.  The last time Paul saw my dad in April, Dad hugged him and told Paul he is a great son-in-law.  He thanked Paul for taking us to Texas and letting him see his grandkids and me one last time.  It was so special!

I found some photo negatives before I left again in May.  I had them burned onto a CD so I could do something with the photos.  I think I'll make a TX Grandpa book for the kids.  Here are my favorites....

Mom and Dad at our wedding in 1998.  We were married at U of D
and had the reception at ARA.

Monica and TX Grandpa at Joe's Coffee Shop in Irving.
We were there for Auntie Nora's graduation from Univ. of Dallas!
Grandpa was helping Monica with her eggs.  Very sweet.

Dad, Paul, and Molly at Taylor's Falls almost 9 years ago.  Mom & Dad came
up for Lucas's baptism.
I didn't want Paul's Father's Day to be so clouded in grief and crying so I did make him a nice salmon and pasta salad for lunch complete with fresh strawberries, artisan bread, and Mexican sweet bread.  He loved it!  He also graciously agreed to pitch a tent for the kids in the backyard since he will likely not get around to building them a treehouse anytime soon.

Love the boots on the shoe mat!


  1. Beautiful. Thanks Grace!
    Love, Nora

    1. I'm so glad you liked that. Aren't those pictures the best? I am still collecting more photos to put in a book.

  2. <3 Beautiful photos. So sorry for your loss. How sweet of your hubby to pitch that tent for his children. =)

  3. What a lovely post. Your father looks so strong and he was certainly very handsome, but more so, he seems to have had a beautiful heart. I'm so glad God gave you the strength to cope with your sorrow and celebrate your hubby. Blessed be. Julie

    1. Thank you, Julie. Yes, he was very strong and I think he had the greatest smile.:) God is truly there for me...always has been and will continue to be. Grief comes in waves as I was told it would. Enjoy your day.:)

  4. Hello Grace, just letting you know that you are still in my prayers. Are you ok? You are very quiet. I could not see an email link for you, so I hope you don't mind me asking in this forum. Julie

    1. Thanks for checking on me, Julie.:) I've been meaning to post but I've been very busy with the kids' activities. I've been doing very well. We also had thunderstorms over the weekend so no power.:( Other than that, I've been thinning out my gardens and making arrangements for getting a dog! Exciting, but busy....thanks again for your prayers and concern.


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