Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Very Late P,H,F,R Post: Finding Contentment

I finally downloaded my pictures that I forced myself to take over the last week so I'm linking up with Leila and her girls.

Pretty is all the flowers that have been blooming around our yard and that we planted....

I was very happy Sunday to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi.  Paul was invited to carry the canopy  for the procession, and the First Communicants were invited to walk behind the Knights of Columbus.  The weather was coolish, but sunny!

I was also very proud of Monica and happy with her violin recital last evening.  She did a great job!

I love the way she did her hair.  I think it's so cute!

Funny is how Nick wears Band-Aids most days because he STILL sucks his two middle fingers and scratches his cheeks with his nails.  Frustrating!  But it is funny to watch him sport those Band-Aids!

Real is a blueberry Bundt cake that I made for the piano recitals today.  The kids wanted something other than cookies, and Molly was desperate for blueberry anything.  I also have bird feeders out front and hummingbirds really do come to drink from the red one!


  1. Your yard is blooming! We're still working on trying to get the grass to grow over here!

    Did you end up making those baptism cookies? If you did, please put up some pictures of them. I'd love to see how they turned out.

    God Bless your weekend!

    1. Your grass is always so beautiful! We did make the baptism cookies, but I didn't take formal pics of them. I was so tired and we just wanted to get them delivered. They were very monograms.:) Thanks for encouraging me!

  2. Grace,

    I enjoyed your photos!

    I'm glad you felt my hug. Grief takes time, and we are allowed to be gentle on ourselves. The more we love, the more we grieve, but that love is always worth the pain. It sounds like your dad was a very special man. Keeping you in my prayers. xx

    1. Thanks again, Sue! My dad was very special. The memories are very good for helping me remember how incredible he was. I think I was so clouded by frustration at his illness that I had forgotten a lot of the good times we had growing up. Now I can look back without having the illness cloud my memories of him.:) That's nice.

  3. Hey Grace - Great pics - Thanks for sharing. That blueberry bundt cake looks wonderful!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Julie. I like to say those flowers cascade outside the living room windows. I love the way they bush out and hang over.:)


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