Friday, March 15, 2013

7QT: Because I Haven't Blogged in Days:(

1.  I've been sick.  I spent Wednesday in bed and only got up to get Nick's snacks, lunch, and help him in the bathroom.  He and I camped out in my bedroom while Paul stayed away from work to take everyone else to Homeschool Days at the MN History Center.  I watched the news on the television in my room.  I cried when I saw Pope Francis which made my sinus headache hurt even worse, and my nose ran, and I got even more congested.  Sheesh!

2.  I'm super happy that I may have a chance to have another picture of the pope on our "Pope Wall."  I wanted you to see a shot of the wall, but I haven't had a chance to take it.  However, it does include a framed 8X10 of this shot we took in 2010 at our papal audience!  But the chances of us getting back to Rome....well, I just never say never!

3.  I decided on Sunday, before I got sick, to paint the walls downstairs.  I had a quart of electric green paint that I wanted to use in either the laundry room or craft room, but don't you think this looks better? It matches the bins perfectly which was not what I expected.  The downstairs really needed a redo so this is what I did.  It makes me so happy!

I finally found a frame for Paul's poster from our TX trip two times ago.  He just had to stop in Shiner after having Mexican Breakfast burritos in Victoria.  The kids and Paul had those after leaving our campsite/parking spot in Corpus Christi.  Now that was a trip!!

Swimming at beach in Corpus Christi, Galveston Aquarium, Leaving TX
Here's the poster...

I am painting the other walls downstairs a beige color.

4.  Yesterday we celebrated Pi Day.  Hee hee!!

Dutch Apple Pie made from apples I had in the freezer!

5.  We are planning a trip to TX!!!!!  As you can see, I am very excited about this.  I'm even more excited that we'll be using this for our trip.....

Here's a view of the inside.....

So this should work out very well for riding and sleeping.

6.  We're still making decisions about school for the kids.  Monica will likely be attending one of the local high schools that her second cousins attended.  The youngest cousin in that family is her age so they'll be in several classes together.  She's coming around to the idea.  I'm feeling like that will be the best choice for our family.  Paul is already there with the decision.  It takes me a little longer to realize God's will.  I'm very prone to second guessing EVERYTHING!

The High School Mascot
7.  Today is a day for staying put because of the weather.  So the kids are watching Brave, and the boys are enjoying their last day of Spring Break.  Jane's break is next week, and M & M have their breaks over Holy Week.  I can't believe Lent has sped by.  It's been hard getting through these last days of winter.  The time change has helped with having more light during the day.  My spirit is so ready for Spring.  I think Easter and the trip will definitely brighten up my outlook.  For today, I'll be cuddling up with the littles and nursing my cold.

Snow, snow, and more snow!
See more Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary and have a great week.


  1. Looks like you're in for an exciting visit to Texas! I've never been there, but know several people who live there.

    I'm really excited about our new Holy Father, too! I'm even doing a giveaway on my blog in honor of his election (

    Stopping by via Jen's 7 QT. God bless!

    1. Thank you for the visit, Sarah. You have a beautiful blog....very joyfilled and spiritual. I saw your giveaway. However, I forgot to comment.:( I hope it goes well.:)

  2. I love your green room, Grace - so stylish:-) And, the campervan - wow! Do you call them campervans in America? They seem to have so many names. It's a big thing, over here, for people to go around Australia in one of those when they retire. It looks like it will be an exciting holiday!

    God bless, Grace:-)

    1. We do call them campervans and RV's (recreational vehicles). We try to be so precise about our modes of travel.;) The price of gas has really limited travel here in the US. I wish it were cheaper to drive around the country. How's the price of fuel there? Thanks for stopping by!:)

  3. Oh my...a road trip in a RV - I am so jealous! You need to give me details when you get back so that I can talk my hubby into renting an RV in the future. He thinks I'm romanticising the whole thing. Sooooo looking forward to hearing about your trip!

    1. Hey, I'm glad you're back! You know I'm gonna give you all the details.:)

  4. Hope you're feeling better. Miss your newsy posts :) Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter ~

    1. Thanks, Cathy, I am feeling better.:) Have a Blessed Easter. Yes, I need to post more often, but life has been extra a good way!;)


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