Thursday, January 31, 2013

{PHFR}: Pushed to Purge

Pretty....I love seeing the titles of our cookbooks from the cupboard where we keep them.  See those two large binders on the end....the one with the broken binding and the Betty Crocker Cookbook?  They were lovingly kept in a drawer close at hand so I can reference them easily.

Having things on hand always makes me very Happy!

But I didn't organize these cookbooks because I wanted to.  Something frustrating happened with the drawer where those binder cookbooks were kept.  Apparently, they were heavy enough with the other items in that drawer to cause this.....

The kids thought the drawer railings were Funny.  They didn't think
that can happen to a drawer!
So this is the Real that is hanging out or rather resting on my dining room floor (no puns intended!).....

And I also have a pile of old cookbooks, user manuals, and other miscellaneous items that are going to be recycled ASAP!

Doesn't it look great?  I think so!


  1. It looks beautiful. I just got Nourishing Traditions yesterday and am newly inspired to be a bit more healthy again.

    You've got the idea, I don't purge unless I'm forced. =)

    1. You know, I don't use NT as much as I probably should. But doesn't it look impressive in my cupboard....wink wink?;) BTW...congrats on your Sheenazing Blog Award Nomination!!

  2. You may have just inspired me to clean out my cook books. There's such a satisfying feeling about making space and nicely displaying a few treasured items rather than bulk/quantity. With the internet, one just doesn't need to have so many hard copies taking up space, you know! I think that they look great - good work!

    1. Thanks, Heather! It was a hard decision to make, but one worth making for the peace of mind it gave me.:)

  3. "Pushed to purge" -- that's how it works for most of us :)
    It's so great to get rid of things, I must say! Thanks for joining!

    1. Thanks for the visit and the encouragement.:)

  4. Grace,

    We have also collected a lot of cookbooks over the years. But the one we use most is a falling apart big Margaret Fulton cookbook. Your Betty Crocker book reminds me of it. We've also got a huge folder of collected favourite recipes. Maybe one day we can turn all these recipes into a proper family cookbook to give to our children. I wonder if you have ever thought of putting together your own cookie baking and decorating book. It would look spectacular!

    God bless!


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