Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Chillin'

It's getting cold and will be getting colder here.  How cold?  Try 2 below 0.  It's also windy which makes the cold even more fierce.

So what do we do in Minnesota when it gets this cold?  Well, since we're gluttons for punishment, we go skiing.....cross-country skiing.  Paul has been busy waxing skis, fixing bindings, buying new/used boots, and taking some of the kids out for lessons on the pond.  Cross-country skiing is nice because you don't need hills or slopes.  And here you can just walk down the street to the park and ski on the frozen, snow-covered lake.  That is one of the joys of living where we do.

We also drink lots of tea.  This is my favorite kind of tea of late....

The kids drink hot cocoa, and Paul has been making a few hot after dinner drinks.  I found this video on my dashboard a few days ago:

While Paul's been getting the kids outfitted for skiing, I have been knitting a shawl.  So on the needles I have this pattern in Red Heart Green Fleck.  This is what it should look like when I'm done. Just picture it in green.  

True Blue Friend Knit Shawl

I have to knit the shawl to 54 inches so it may take me the rest of winter to finish!  I love it though because it gives me something to do!  The pattern has a 16 row repeat so I have to use a stitch counter in order to keep the design going the right way.  I hate having the corded counter around my neck so I wondered if there is an app for stitch counting.  Sure enough there is!

So there you have it....a little peek into our cold, Minnesota days.  I'd better go evening snack is calling!


  1. So different here - we played outside all afternoon without jackets! I drink tea all day when we do school, so I will have to check that one out.

    1. So good to hear from you. I'll bet you were outside playing without a jacket! MN winters are harsh, but we've learned to adapt.:) Enjoy your TX weather for me!

  2. That's a lovely shawl, Grace. Is it difficult to do the lace? It's something I haven't been good at, so I avoid it; but I really like that shawl! hmm

    When I'm chilled, chai really warms the body - I have a Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Honey Chai - it's a white tea, a little sweet.

    1. The lace is not difficult at all. It's a Beginner's pattern and the lace is made by doing a yarn over and then knitting two stitches together: yo, k2tog. You do need long knitting needles or a cabled set because it's wide at 60 stitches per row. You should make one!

      Our daughter, Maria, loves Vanilla Chai tea, but I didn't know there is a Vanilla Honey Chai. I bet we'd like that, too. Thanks for clueing me in.:)


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