Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baptism of the Lord....Baking Day

We celebrated today's feast day with a special waffle breakfast.  Since Monica had her last tournament game and Paul was going to be volunteering at the Science Museum, we opted to go to Mass this evening.  It worked out great, and we were able to get out all the baptismal candles and the baptismal gown to remember all the baptisms we've had.

Jane's baptism

Nick's baptism

These days I like to do the week's baking on Sunday so I can relax and read or knit while goodies are in the oven.  It makes sense to bake several batches of things when the oven is already being used.  Today we baked salmon for lunch so I decided to bake muffins for this week's snacks as well.

To save space, I just flip the muffins on their sides to cool right in the muffin pan.  There just isn't enough counter
space for my cooling racks anymore!

Lastly, we offered to make the party favors for the Little Flowers Snowflake Dance this Friday evening.  We're making and decorating snowflake cookies that will get individually packaged and given to each girl attending the party.  So five dozen cookies have been baked and are now ready for decorating later in the week!  Yippee!!  I'm thinking something along these lines is what we'll try to come up with....

Does Pinterest ever fail to inspire?!

....Stay tuned!!


  1. That's a good muffin idea, Grace. And also a good idea to do baking on Sunday and do restful things in between! hmmmmm.......

    1. I have a hard time "resting" on Sunday since it's the day we are all usually home. Projects usually overtake me so I have to deliberately plan restful things to do.:)


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