Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Epiphany Photos and Then Some

I was going to link up to the Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real gals over at LMLD for my Epiphany post, but now there is more information to share so I think 7QT will have to do for this week.  With all the link ups floating around the blogosphere, who can keep up with them all?  I gave up long ago so I catch what I can here and there.

I wanted to purchase a Rosca de Reyes cake for the kids for Epiphany, but Daddy didn't want to spend any more money after we were financially hemorrhaging for the O Antiphon's Days and the Twelve Days of Christmas.  What can I say?  I was just trying to liturgically celebrate in our domestic church!  So I found a frozen batch of caramel rolls that I bought in November from a school fundraiser.  I had the idea to bake it in a ring, but I had to improvise.


I placed a Le Creuset ramekin in the center of the pan to keep the rolls from spreading together in the middle and into the oven they went.


These are from the Butter Braid people so they baked up nice and flaky!


The little ramekin even kept most of the caramel from leaking into the center.  Don't they look yummy? So when I flipped the whole thing over and onto a serving platter, this is what I had.


I hid an almond in the bread for one lucky person to find, but Daddy still thinks he ate it unknowingly.  (Eyeroll!)  Daddy always eats things without thinking.  I should've clued him in to the hidden almond surprise!

Our Kings were patiently waiting for everyone at Sunday morning breakfast.  I have collected these little boxes to hide the 3 gifts.  I was able to buy a sampling of Frankincense and Myrrh at one of our religious goods stores.  For gold, I usually just get gold foiled for each kid.


This little book is one of the Infancy Narratives I purchased from the national office of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  It is one of 5 books that come in a boxed set titled, The Little Gospels.

In other news, Daddy is trying to get rid of a few things before any bans go into affect because of all the recent scares.  He and Maria were working on staging a photo shoot to upload photos for a posting.  I'm being cryptic for obvious reasons.  However, if you or any other enthusiast is curious, it is an original British curio and relic!  I think they did a great job with the lighting and the background.



No photo here, but we've decided to give Lucas the opportunity to attend school with Gabe.  After much deliberation over the break, we decided to pursue the possibility.  The district made a decision to relocate the school and expand it to grades K-5.  This allows the boys more time to be immersed in the Spanish language.  It was a great week to decide as I have had two conversations with Gabe in Spanish!!!!  In the first conversation, he was frantically looking for a library book and automatically flipped into Spanish.  I responded to him, and he kept right on answering me.  The second conversation was this afternoon.  I asked him about his Spelling test and how his day went.  All of his responses were in Spanish so he obviously understood what I was asking.  I'm thrilled beyond words.  I love languages so much and my native language tons so you can imagine how elated I've been all week.  Baby Steps....but that's how we grow and learn!

You can see more Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary.  Keep her in your prayers as she is now bedridden for the remainder of her pregnancy.

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