Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Tis the Season....

for making COOKIES.

The annual Cookie Exchange is happening this Friday evening.  I'm participating again this year.  There are so few of us who exchange cookies so I only had to make 7 dozens.  Monica helped me find a color scheme off of Pinterest.  Even though I don't pin to any boards these days, I still like to go there for inspiration.  I have my usual haunts cookie bakers/bloggers that I follow.  And let me tell you there are plenty of ideas with those gals!  But here's what we came up with.   And, I must say, the girls did most of the work.  Monica baked all but 1 1/2 dozens.  She decorated most of the cookies with Maria's help.  Maria mixed up all the color, and Molly worked on the sugars and dragees.  Many hands do make light work.  This effort is a testament to that old adage.

Cookies assembled on paper plates ready to be wrapped!

We made 1 dozen mittens, 1 dozen large Christmas trees, 1 dozen mini Christmas trees, 1 dozen peppermint swirls, 1 dozen snowflakes, 1 dozen candy canes (not shown), and 1 dozen marbled tiles.  Each participant will get 1 dozen assorted cookies.

The mittens and marbled tiles were our favorites.  The snowflakes were a close second.
I think it's the Swedish heritage that draws us to the red and white!
 And, yes, I am taking cookie orders this holiday season.  All proceeds will go toward helping to buy Christmas presents for families sponsored by our parish and a young gal who is trying to pay off school debt so she can join a religious order.  She is also from our parish.   You can contact me either through the comments or via email at pnglittlefieldatgmaildotcom.


  1. Oh gosh - everyone must be dying to be in a cookie exchange with Grace! :)

  2. Grace- Do you have enough to ship me 2 dozen assorted? Same account, etc as before. If a problem, just shoot me an email :)

    1. I was hoping to make 3 dozen extras...2 for you and 1 for the kids, but we ran out of dough.:( We're making more this weekend and will make another round of cookies. Yours will be in that batch. I'll let you know when we have them done.:) Thanks!

  3. Yeah! No rush - just by the holiday - They are so beautiful!!!!

    1. I'll let you know when we're ready to send them.:) Exciting!


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