Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thinking About Being Thankful

My heart is so filled with gratitude for so many things this Thanksgiving.  As I sit here, it is with a heavy heart that I may not get to go to Mass tomorrow morning to thank God for His many blessings over the year.  Jane has been running a fever all day so I'll likely stay home with her and Nick tomorrow morning.  I've been thinking of the following things that I wanted to place on the altar because I'm so humbly grateful for God's mercy....

  • Jane being discharged by Dr. Dahl, her orthopedist, because her legs are straightening and she's steadily grown over the last year,
  • Jane being discharged by Dr. Abuzzahab, her endocrinologist, because her growth has been steady making it possible to forego the growth hormone injections for 2 more years,
  • Grandpa Ben being here for one more day even though he suffers daily with chest pain and ongoing heart failure....everyday is a gift for him and he is a gift to us!
  • My youngest brother not having to have back surgery for the time being and getting substantial relief from pain due to a herniated disc,
  • Having our van back after a small fender bender which caused many split shift Masses because we couldn't all fit in the loaner car:(
  • For getting to go to 2 retreats this year!
  • For getting answers to High School questions for Monica after 2 months of agonizing over it all,
  • For getting a very clear mission as a Catholic in a world and nation hostile to the Gospel's message
  • For a strong marriage and healthy and happy children
  • For the vocations to be a wife and mother
Thank you all for any prayers you said for our family.  I've been very quiet over here over the past few months.  I've been too busy living each moment and haven't taken time to catalog everything we've said or done.  It's been a real change from what I was used to, but I've welcomed that change and actually enjoyed living it.

God Bless You All On Thanksgiving Day!



  1. The same to you, Grace! And, whether you can go to Mass or not, it will be God's will. :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa.:) I haven't commented on so many of your posts, but I think I catch most of them. Keep's nice to have a little window into your world. Have a Blessed Day tomorrow!

  2. Lovely post Grace. So good to hear from you. Blog when you can - It is always so wonderful to hear how you are doing. And about those cookies - I know you are so busy but will you be doing any Christmas cookie orders this year? I would love to have some special cookies from Minnesota ;)

    1. Thanks, Cathy. RE: the cookies....I'd love to send some your way. Touch base with me around December 15th. We're thinking about a Christmas trip to TX so I'll let you know what my timeline for delivery is.:) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!:)


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