Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Case I Get Too Busy Between Now and Thursday....

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


I've already baked 2 pies and roasted my turkey so I'm going to be eating bon bons tomorrow.  Not!!  In case you need a little help getting some perspective both practical and spiritual for the big day, you can check out Auntie Leila's post here.  Oh, and here's a little peek of the cookies I want to make for the kids for T-Day.  Aren't they cute?  My cookie pics will be forthcoming.


  1. Oh so clever on the pumpkin pie cookies! Have a blessed and happy holiday with your lovely family!

    1. Thanks, Heather. We made the cookies today....they are super cute.:) The kids finally got me for a whole day to themselves after so many days of chauffeuring, classes, and "hurry up and get your school work done!" Happy Holidays to all of you!!:)

  2. Agree with happymomonline - Cookies way cute!! And so is Gabe :) Happy Thanksgiving, Grace!

    1. Cathy!!! I think you commented a while back on a post and I probably forgot to respond.:( Sorry about that. We have been crazy busy here with school, family crises, etc. Oh, have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends....



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