Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking Back 2 Years Ago....

I was happy to see that today is the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila.  I reminded the kids at prayer time where we were 2 years ago.  You can read my post for that day by clicking on the following link:

Avila 2010

I am amazed at how the kids have grown!

Waiting for the train to Avila, Spain.

On the train.

Just outside the walls of the city.

The nuns peeking from the grated windows of the convent looking down at the parade.

Snack time

Happy Feast Day!


  1. Really...that was 2 years ago already? Time is going by way too quickly!

  2. Fun! I was a nanny in Madrid for 8 months right after high school and I made it up to El Escorial and Avila as well. Toledo too, with the beautiful Cathedrals.

    1. That's too cool.:) We went to Toledo the day we arrived in Spain. Severely jet lagged, we solidly slept until after lunchtime the next day.:)


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