Monday, October 29, 2012

For My Siblings

Google's homepage is a tribute to Bob Ross today.  Come on.  You remember Bob Ross....the painter....the one on PBS....with the afro.

We know the color Prussian Blue only because of Bob Ross!  I remember the painting shows had us entranced from start to finish completely engrossed by his brush strokes and how things would magically begin to take form on his canvas.  And when we tried it, it never worked.  But oh the memories!

I wish I had a photo of kids entranced by the TV with a tiny bit of drool coming from a corner of a mouth.  Classic!


  1. How about yellow oaker? (did I spell that right?) I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching in amazement at his paintings...wondering and guessing what it would look like when he was done. Amazing talent!

  2. Happy trees! I always think of happy little trees when I think of him!

  3. I love saying "Van Dyke Brown" and "a little Titanium White" to my dad in my best Bob Ross voice. lol

  4. I'm so glad I struck a chord with all you lovely ladies! Bob Ross was obviously a part of your childhood's, too.:) Happy Reminiscing!


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