Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Back to School Edition

1.  We made it through our first "official" week of school.  I did lots of driving, but it went serenely and peacefully!  I know.  I'm delusional.

2.  Gabe received this little update from his teacher letting us know how the week went.

Esta semana mi comportamiento fue: 
Does she know I call him, "My angel, Gabiel?"

3.  Translation - The angel face means your child had no problems, did not need to change his/her card at all and did not need any breaks.  There's a card?  What kinds of breaks would they need or get?  I obviously have questions.

4.  Monica started at ARCHES and YEAH and had her second week of online Latin with Memoria Press.  She also started soccer with the parish school kids.  She's happy to be on the senior varsity team!  GO CHARGERS!!

5.  Maria started up with her new flute teacher and continued with her Latin group.  She made it a point to tuck a "PRAY BEFORE EATING!" note into Gabe's lunch box a couple days this week.  She's determined this school will not make a heathen out of her little brother!

6.  I am still smiling after hearing Cardinal Dolan's benediction at the DNC.  Was that awesome, or was that awesome?   OK, it was awesome!!!!

7.  We had crazy weather today!  When we woke up it was cold and rainy.  Then it was hot and sunny by lunchtime.  Then it cooled off and was breezy.  It warmed back up around 3-4:30PM.  I opened windows and turned on the oven to make homemade pizza for dinner.  When I finally went out again at 6PM to take Molly to soccer practice, it was freezing again!  It even rained a bit in that short amount of time.  What gives?  Minnesota weather is so crazy sometimes.

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  1. Wow, that cloud picture!

    Grace, if you watched the DNC, you're a better man than I; I didn't have the stomach for it. But I enjoyed the RNC immensely!


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