Monday, August 27, 2012

The Behemoth Returns

Yes, we're canning again this year.
The annual Dad's and Kids' Camp trip was this weekend.  Paul ventured out with 6 of the kids this year leaving Nick and me to dogsit for another family.  That was an adventure which I choose not to expound on.  All I can say is that it went better than I expected.  I went into it with a bit of hesitation, but we survived...I survived.  I also felt like I cheated because the dog doesn't shed and was very well trained.

Needless to say, I wrangled the doggy and Nick spending inordinate amounts of time catering to their every need which left them both tired enough to take 2 hour naps on Saturday and Sunday.  Insert canning into that time slot and you get this....

1/2 pint jars of tomato sauce....yummy!
I still have another batch to process, but at least I've got my system down and set up.  Meanwhile, all. of. the. kids. are back which means the noise factor has gone up a few notches and school starts next week.....I think I'm going to lose my mind!!!!!

But at least I can rest assured that Nick received all the attention he needs for the rest of the school year all packed into 2 days alone with Mommy.....yeah, right!!

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