Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Days of Summer Vacation

Grandpa Ben brought over more delectable garden treats....a 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes that I am cooking down overnight to make salsa for canning and about 3 lbs. of fresh green beans.

 Meanwhile, we are doing our last bit of bike riding in the neighborhood and....

sliding at the park.

Our Minnesota State Fair day will probably be Thursday since the kids are on break from piano lessons this week and next.  I can't wait for the State Fair.  I am now a true Minnesotan who loves the Great Minnesota Get Together no matter the heat, the greasy stink, the dead grass, and the hemorrhaging wallet.  It's all good at the Fair!


  1. Question about the tomatoes: what method do you use to cook them overnight?

    1. Hi, M.M.! Thanks for the question. I use my crockpot to cook down the tomatoes. I set the crock to low, place two skewers over the top and set the lid on the skewers. This helps to keep the heat in (somewhat) and allow the vapor to escape leaving the thickened sauce behind. I also use this method to make apple butter from applesauce. Cooking down the apples thickens up the sauce and makes it more concentrated. Hope that helps!:)

    2. Isn't this funny? I came to make a comment and there's another Margaret Mary! Hello, Margaret Mary. :)

      The beans made me think of my grandparents' farm! There is nothing like fresh from the garden. I got so spoiled as a child. Thank you, Grace, for sharing!

    3. That's awesome! I thought the first Margaret Mary was you.:) I love fresh from the garden. I'm glad my father in law is still able to do it and share with us.:)


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