Wednesday, July 25, 2012

State Soccer Championship

Well, it's been an awesome last few days.  Sunday, Monica's team started along their State journey to victory for the season.  They pulled off a 4-3 win over Waseca, MN which landed them in a Tuesday night game against Princeton.  They tied with Princeton 1-1, but because Waseca had beat Princeton earlier on the weekend, Princeton did not have enough points to advance.

Here's Monica hustling on the field.

Therefore, our team....The Huskies....advanced to the State Championship!!!!

That game was played tonight against Waconia.  Here they are at the line-up before the game.

The girls were super pumped for this game and fought hard all the way!

The girls actually tied for first place, but the referee was totally confused about the Huskies' second goal.  He called it off sides and recalled their goal.  With only 2 minutes for the game, Waconia walked away with the title.  However, it remains unclear what happened in the goal when we thought the girls had tied up the score.  Who knows?  The girls were very sad, but hey runner up is nothing to sneeze at!

It was an honor to advance this far, and they played their hearts out!  GO HUSKIES!!!!

Look at the smile on that kid...she loves it!!

Friends through thick and thin!

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  1. Grace,

    Congratulations to Monica and the Huskies. You must be a very proud mother!

    God bless.


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