Saturday, July 14, 2012

In The Heat Of It

Today was sweltering!  To top it all off, Monica is in the middle of Soccer playoffs.  She had a game this afternoon at one o'clock.  It was so hot!!

Here are a few shots I took at a game she had earlier this week.  She really loves playing soccer, but today she wasn't on top of her game.  She kept missing balls and kicking randomly whenever she did connect with it.  I think it was the heat affecting her.  She even said she spent most of the game standing on the field in the sun.  She felt she really didn't contribute to the game at all.  I told her not to take it so hard.  I think it was quite the effort to show up an hour before the game and make it to two extra practices this week.  Thankfully, they won today in spite of the heat.

Daddy is off tomorrow morning at 7:00AM for a nine o'clock game.  Monica made the decision to miss a team pool party this afternoon in order to attend five o'clock Mass.  It was either that or miss the game tomorrow morning.  She didn't even flinch with that decision.  She knows Mass is a priority so that was a no-brainer!

This is the neighbor girl Monica recruited for the team.  I love this shot!


  1. Grace,

    It seems strange to read about you sweltering in the heat when we are feeling so cold!

    Soccer has only a small following here in Australia compared with other sports such as rugby league and cricket. I know it is hugely popular in the UK though. Do many people play soccer in the US?

    Playing sport in the heat? Not easy! You have a dedicated daughter!

    God bless.

    1. I think about that, being in another season. I must say that being in touch with you and Vicky has been a fun lesson for my kids. Now they know I am not lying when I say the other side of the world is opposite us season-wise!

      Soccer has a large following for young kids. In middle school kids typically choose what they want to really specialize in to get college scholarships. Monica isn't thinking about a scholarship....she just really loves the game. Thank you!


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