Sunday, July 29, 2012


There's just no way to get to everything these kids should be immersed in to get a Classical Education.  We don't have time for narration, to go sketching at the lake for nature studies, do extensive read-alouds with stimulating discussions afterward, or pore over maps.....every day or week.  But we do get to these things every once in a while.  One of the things I did put on both iPads is this very cool app that the kids love for competing against each other.....

The kids including Gabe and Jane have learned several facts about each country in the world including the locations of each country by continent.  They've learned bordering countries and how to identify them by shape.

Here's proof this app is amazing....

Gabe:  Mexico is playing Gabon in Soccer.
Me:  Where is Gabon?
Gabe:  (Gripping his head, closing his eyes, and finally saying)...It's near Equatorial Guinea.

And today as the US played Montenegro for water polo, I had no idea where Montenegro is.  You see, I didn't receive a classical education!  So the kids brought the iPad to show me on Stack the Countries what Montenegro looks like and where it is.  In case you don't know either, it is in southern Europe near Albania, Macedonia, and Greece.

So you see....Geography....check!  And I don't think you even need a tablet to play this game and its twin Stack the States.  You can play them right on your PC or laptop.  So go....go download it....figure out where all those cool countries are that you keep hearing about as you watch the Olympics.

And in case you're all tuckered out from the Olympics (how could you be?!), you can watch this video of Monica's recent piano recital.  She attended Northwestern College's Piano Institute this last week with a friend.  She had classes in music theory, improvisation, had private lessons, and practice time.  It was quite the experience on such a gorgeous campus.

And here are the other kids' recitals from July....just click on the links.

And I'm so excited for this....more details later!

This doesn't fit all of us.  But this and a couple of that will fit all of us!

I always loved playing house in our camping trailer as a kid.  For a kid, this is the best!!


  1. Grace,

    Thank you for sharing Monica's recital. I enjoyed her performance! I couldn't access the links for your other children. Perhaps they are private links? Your home must be filled with beautiful music, like ours. Isn't music a great blessing?

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Sue! I noticed the links don't work...I'll have to fix those. Yes, the music is wonderful. Monica also plays violin, Maria plays flute, and 5 of the kids play piano. I love it!

  2. Oh, that camping trailer *does* look like a lot of fun!!! Can I join you? :)

    1. That would be so fun and very much like us to bring our own librarian/homeschool with us on the trip!;)


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