Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blueberry Picking

Raspberry and strawberry seasons are over, but now it's blueberry season here in Minnesota.  I've been waiting for the perfect morning to take some of the kids to gather a nice stash of blueberries for freezing.  I decided to try picking at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin.  It's not close, but the price was better than going into Washington County for berry picking.  I checked the farm's website, and their second picking was scheduled for this morning.  I took three of the kids with me.

I think we picked close to 8 lbs. of blueberries.  I'll use a few now and freeze the rest.  As for the AC problem I spoke of a few days ago, the technician was able to come out this morning.  Turns out the whole unit needs to be replaced.  That will be a hefty bill so I'm trying to get my head wrapped around maybe going without.  Honestly, the super hot days are so few here in MN that some people just don't use their AC.  Daddy didn't grow up with it so I wonder if we could do the same now.  Problem is it is hard to get motivated when you're so hot you feel lethargic.  Then again maybe that's God's way of saying we can take a break or at least get out of the house and get into an air conditioned place.  Last week, we hung out at the library and made a couple trips to Costco.  The kids went to a swimming party and took showers and baths before going to bed on several of the hotter nights.  They've been drinking lots of water.  All of these are good things.  I don't know.  Daddy's pretty set on replacing the unit, but we have to figure out when.  For today the weather is cooler, but this weekend should be unbearably hot again.  I am still running the fans and keeping the windows open.  Maybe I can get used to NO AC.  I think at the very least I'm willing to try.


  1. Good luck with tolerating the heat, Grace. If your summers are rarely high-heat, then you may be fine. It seems, though, that summers are getting hotter all over the place, doesn't it? But maybe, like you said, you just need to slow down and try to enjoy.

    1. Yes, the summer is getting hotter all over the country.:( Paul reminded me that it hasn't been humid but rather warm and dry. However, the humidity will be ramping up this weekend. That might have me crying, "Uncle!" as regards the replacing of the AC unit. We do have a salesman scheduled to come out on Friday just in case I cave!;)


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