Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day!....We Couldn't Wait.

We were all so excited to give Paul his Father's Day gifts early.  We just couldn't wait!  I mean with all the kichy things we found for the kichiest guy in existence, who could wait?  And when I found out that Georgeanne is hosting a Linky Party for Father's Day cookies at her blog, Lila Loa, I knew it was providential that I gave Paul his gifts today.  And I have to say that keeping things a surprise from Paul is the EASIEST thing in the world.  What gives away ALL of my surprises?   ME!!!  I usually blow it by blurting something out or just plain giving in and giving him his surprises early.  I just love it.  He's the easiest guy to give gifts to.

He loved his gifts so much.  See....

This guy loves anything that has to do with Lucha Libre, guitars, surf music, and the 60's Baby!

Los Straitjackets Cookies.  A complete set including guitars and martinis.

He loves to humor me!!

Gabe tried to play his guitar.  Cute!

Lucha Libre "Sock It To Me" socks.

For the man who has everything.:)

"Cool Jazz" ice cube guitar tray from Fred for his night caps.  I just couldn't resist!
Here are a few more shots of the cookies so you can get the full effect.  I know how much you want that full effect!!

And here's a little Summer Surprise from Los Straitjackets in time to get your groove on for the upcoming solstice!:)


  1. Happy Father's Day to Paul! It was such a fun surprise to see him & your daughters at Schoenstatt. "See those girls over there?" I whispered to Maria over pizza. "Their mommy's the one that made us Camille's 1st Communion cookies!"

    Well, I'll tell you. She was up from the table in a flash to go say hi. :)

    1. Yes, it was a fun surprise! I was at home resting and relaxing in a kid-free afternoon while workers installed our new patio door. We wanted to drive down together to get the girls, but that wasn't meant to be. I finished up Paul's cookies instead.:) Our girls really got along well with your girls and several others. It sounded like a great group! I dropped the girls off on Monday with a friend and saw a couple moms that I recognized. I never put it together that there was a Holy Family contingent.:) What a nice surprise....and Happy Father's Day to your hubby as well! Enjoy the day.


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