Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bird Update, Recitals, and Everything Else

Back in this post, I talked about the interesting robin nest up in my window ledge.  Just as we saw the nest  fill a day at a time, an egg at a time; we watched the nest empty a day at a time, an egg at a time.  It was very sad to see that the mother bird would come faithfully to the nest even for that one last egg until it was gone, too.  She, of course, hasn't been back.  At that same time, we found a second nest.  A couple cardinals, set up shop in our mock orange by the front door.  We had a perfect view of the nest from our front window.

Mother Cardinal sitting in her nest.
That cardinal laid five eggs, but a predator ate three of them and the other two eggs were abandoned.  Lucas removed the nest to inspect its contents.  It is now a pile of grasses and fluff.  Nature is truly harsh sometimes!

For our last religion class one of my students gave me a beautiful hanging plant.  I brought it home and hung it from a hook on the front porch.

A couple days later, I noticed a small purple finch flying back and forth and seeming to go into the plant.  I wondered if the bird was making a nest in the pot.  She certainly was.  Here's what we have now....

Let's look a little closer...

The smaller light blue eggs belong to the Finch, but the other eggs look like Cardinal eggs.  I'm not sure what's going on here!  Did a cardinal lay her eggs in this nest?  Are Cardinals opportunists?
Hopefully, these eggs will hatch and we'll be able to get back to some cool nature studies of birds and nests.

Molly and Jane had their dance recitals at the end of April.  I've never experienced a real dance recital....like in an auditorium....with dance costumes.  So this was a first for all of us.  There was too much cuteness and girly-ness going on that evening!

The kids have also been busy with a lot of activities.  Soccer started up for Monica so everyone's getting in on the action.  Paul is coaching Gabe's team, and Lucas is playing U8 this summer.  He's definitely raring to go.

Note the Soccer book, soccer outfit, and the baseball socks...too funny!

Maria is very happy with her new-to-her flute.  She's getting better tone from this beautiful flute!

Gabe was bored with the soccer game so decided to watch the baseball game in the neighboring field.

Monica recruited Milah for the soccer team.  Now the girls are playing on a larger field with more players per team.

We really do hand-paint luster dust on our cookies to give them a little extra bling!
Lastly, Mother's Day was beautiful this year.  We were invited to New Ulm to the First Profession of Vows for two sisters from the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus.  You can check out their order here.  One of the gals professing used to teach at the charter school where Monica and Maria were from K-2nd grade.  Many Nova and St. Paul people were there along with families from Net Ministries.  And the number of priests concelebrating at the Mass was amazing to see.  The Cathedral was filled to capacity and the weather was just beautiful for the event.

Milah and Monica at lunch before the Mass.

The altar in the Cathedral of New Ulm.

Two extra friends came along on the road trip.  This is one of them with Maria before the Mass.

Sr. Maris Stella of the Priestly Heart of Jesus listening intently at the homily.
Notice the white band of her habit signifying she has not yet professed.

Sr. Maris Stella professing her vows with the Mother Superior.

The Mother Superior removes the white band revealing a black band after the profession.

The newly professed sisters sign their commitments at the altar.

The newly professed sisters, the Mother Superior, and Bishop LeVoir of the diocese of New Ulm.

The girls and Sr. Maris Stella pose for a picture at the reception.

I hope all of you mommies out there had a beautiful Mother's Day.  I wish you all as much joy as can be found in this last photo!


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know which of these photos to comment on!! The bird nest pics are amazing. We have a blue-tits nest in our nest box (after 6 years of waiting) but the little birds can't be seen, just the dedicated parents!
    Then the pics of the family-Gorgeous!
    And best of all...as you say yourself, the JOY of the two new beautiful sisters, what a blessing to the world!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. There is a lot of JOY going on in this post. Have a lovely week!

  2. Oh, what a cute little yellow frilly girl!!

    And, so many eggs - your place is teeming with life. Or, trying to.

    I don't suppose a finch could steal cardinal eggs and transport them, but I thought cowbirds were the ones who laid their eggs in other nests. Still, if word is out among the cardinals that eggs are in danger, then maybe that's some mama trying to keep the family name going.

    Beautiful hanging plant, too.

    1. Your right, Lisa. It was a cowbird that laid those eggs. Their eggs look just like cardinal eggs. I had to look all of that up in our MN Bird Guide. I just received Jane's recital pictures in the mail yesterday...they are so cute!! She really did look like a Flower Fairy that day.:)


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