Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Super Busy

Phew!  I've been super busy baking today.  Thanks to all of your prayers plus the prayers of our kids, we have 15 dozen cookies to make by Friday.  All of these are first communion cookies.  I'm making....

text and photo cookies

One of the little girls likes dogs...is crazy about them so her mom requested a few dog cookies to go with her order.  Cute huh?

Anyway, here are a few leftover pics from Easter which was beautiful by the way.  I was on an Easter high all day Sunday.  Yesterday I was dragging from all the late nights and early mornings, but it was so worth it for all the joy, graces, peace, and love we had going on around here!

The girls decorated the Easter cakes.  Yippee!

Naturally dyed eggs using onion skins, cabbage, spinach, and beet leaves, and turmeric
Very cool!

And.....here's my latest super, amazing addition to our little business....

This is a bun rack. I can get 20 pans on it drying at one time!!!  Now, if only I
had that many pans....eye roll.

I love it!  No more stacking these in the oven to dry icing overnight.  Now I just have to keep the kids from hanging on it and driving themselves around the dining room....oh, and Nick from eating the cookies that will be drying on the racks.:(

Wow, I really miss all of you here in blogland.  I miss the comments and sharing the goings-on with you all.  I hope I haven't lost anyone due to my lack of posting.  It's just been....super busy!


  1. Fifteen dozen cookies - Wow!!!! How wonderful Grace. By the way, our (your) cookies were a hit, and loved by all. And, lovely Easter pic of the kids.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Oh, great...I'm glad the cookies were a hit! And thanks for starting the ball rolling with the orders.....it's so good for us.:)

  2. Hey - is Jane winking in that family photo of the kids?! She is tooooo cute!

    And my kids want to come ride your new cooling rack around your house! ;-)

    1. I think that was Jane squinting....what sun? Your kids and my kids on my cooling rack would be worth a lot of photos!!:)


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