Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally an Update

I've been busy doing who knows what. I've had all kinds of ideas running through my head....

business ideas
joining LinkedIn
doing some promotion on Facebook
redoing business cards and flyers
updating our school room after moving it yet again!
taking care of sick people...Daddy was sick last week and Nick had a bench drop on his big toe fracturing it.  He's fine, but the nail looks awful!:(

There's a lot of promotion that has to be done with starting/restarting a business.  Word of mouth is truly the best promotion, but I have to physically do things like make flyers, calls, talk to people, bake cookies...I so need to do more of this.

And then there's school....that should probably be the other way around.  However, I can't say enough about how much the kids have been learning about running a business.  I'll have to do a separate post about all the things the kids have been learning/doing in the midst of it all.  I'm amazed at how unschooling truly does work!

Meanwhile, I've been using up apples from our Fall stash.  What a great idea it was to freeze several bags of apples!

Apple Bread for Breakfast
Then I updated the school room to make it more of a school room.  We moved the sectional and TV up to the family room where the school room was.  Then we moved all of the bins, shelves, table, and wall materials downstairs.  I can't believe how much room there was down there!

We all love it and use it quite a bit.  There is still a bit of homework that gets done at the kitchen table, but that's only when I'm up there.  If I'm working downstairs, the kids want to be down there, too.  Kinda cool!

Next, I've been wanting to use different ideas to display books for little hands and keep the kids interested in strewed materials.  I made a book sling for the little home schoolers using the idea from here.  I found this when I was on Pinterest.  Thank God I bookmarked it, too!

Next, I wanted a long shelf on one of the walls.  I saw something similar at Ann's site here.  Here's our version....

Here's a link for the tutorial to make your own rain gutter wall shelf.  Rain gutters are typically 10 feet long, but can be cut to any length.  Our wall was just perfect for the whole rain gutter to be used...suweet!

It's been a productive few weeks.  We haven't been participating in the Garden of the Good Shepherd since I decided to use the sticker calendar with my religion class at the parish.  So we've just been feasting in our own way and enjoying Daddy while he's on break between trimesters.  He's been busy grouting a bathroom, fixing wall outlets, and ordering a new sliding glass door for the entrance to the deck.  I can't wait for that to be installed!  Garden party anyone?!


  1. That's a great school room, Grace. I love all your storage and the colours. It looks very well organised:-)

    1. Thanks, Vicky! Your blog is awesome with all your creative ways of organizing/cataloguin. I have to make a comment somewhere where I saw something you use for journaling for your kids. I think that you use an IPad. I'll have to go to your site again to check that out. Funny you mention color....I always think we need to add more....everything looks so white to me!:)

  2. You have really been busy! It all looks great, and really creative ideas for book storage/display.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Yes, it's been very busy...phew!:)

  3. I love those book hanger things. I also bookmarked them. Maybe one of these days..once we are settled up in MN..I can make some. =)

    1. There are some very cute versions out there. Mine is the quick, slapdash version...perfect for our busy lives.:) Would love to have you up here settled in MN!!:)

  4. I love your school room! The rain gutter for a book shelf is awesome. We homeschooled for 4 years and I do miss it sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Jennifer. I am enjoying the rain gutter bookshelf. It's great to see the kids go up to it and pull off a book to read.:) This is our 5th year of homeschooling...I can hardly believe it's been this long. We take it one day at a time so who knows about tomorrow. Thanks again!


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