Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divine Mercy

I was so thrilled this morning at Mass with the huge framed picture of The Divine Mercy stationed just beyond the altar railing.  I hugged Nicholas so tight and wished him a happy feast day.  Here we are just two short years ago at his baptism....

And here we are today.  Sorry the pic is so grainy, but I didn't have my camera so we used Daddy's phone.

Can you believe how much the kids have grown?  It's amazing!  Monica is taller than me and almost as tall as Daddy.  Maria is almost as tall as me.  Nick is 2, and Jane is almost 4.  Crazy!

We came home and watched the Holy Father's address for today that was posted on the web at the Vatican website.  I love how we can remain connected to Rome so easily via the web.  I still remember being there so clearly.  Here's a refresher....

May God's Divine Mercy be yours today and always.  I am so glad for it in my life.

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