Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Sweet Edition

I decided to dump all our recent doings in one giant photo post.  I have to do the quickest posting lately because of all that's going on.  I will say that today we're looking at the first of 3 flutes for Maria.  She auditions June 2nd for the GTCYS.  Her flute definitely needs to be upgraded.  I ran with Monica this morning for 20 minutes.  I'm happy to be sitting right now because my joints hurt and my calves are burning!  I HATE to RUN....but....there's that BIG BUT....Monica has started another soccer season, is getting better, and will probably be put in as a Forward or as Stopper.  This requires she have the stamina to be running around A LOT.  She needs to build up her endurance hence the running.  I told her I will go out with her from 6:30-7AM ALMOST daily to help her out.  I'm hoping Daddy pitches in a bit so I can sleep in a few days.  We'll see how that goes!  Cookie orders are trickling in.  I have 3 orders for next weekend and a potential 4th order for the U of M next week....keep praying!  Need any cookies?...give us a call or send us a shout via the web.

7 Quick Takes Friday seemed like a good way to unload the other stuff so here goes....

1.  There is a sweet nest in my bedroom window sill....

2.  There is a sweet pair of robins that come to tend said nest....

3.  One egg was laid on Monday....

4.  Another egg was laid on Tuesday....

5.  A third egg was laid on Wednesday....

6.  More sweets were baking in my kitchen yesterday in hopes of generating more business....

Hats Off to the Grad!

Roses for Our Lady or for your Mom!

Month of Mary Cookies/Mother's Day Cookies
7.  Kids that can make a good shot and take a good shot of their new basketball hoop!  Monica's angle and lighting are so good in this picture...IMHO.

You can see more Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary Blog.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Wow!! You really have a birds eye view of those gorgeous eggs!! I'll be dying to see how they get on!

    1. Jennifer thanks for the comment and the Follow!:) This is the third time we've had a nest in our window sill. It's always so exciting. The first nest produced 4 baby birds that we watched from this stage all the way to the flight out of the nest....I hope we get to witness that again. The second nest didn't yield anything. I noticed earlier this morning that we also have a cardinal's nest in our mock orange tree by our front door. Spring is definitely springing around here!

  2. Oh, the bird's nest is so wonderful -- Isn't nature amazing! We had a small bird make a nest in my bicycle basket on our screened portch (we leave the screened door open for our dogs to come in and out) and I was so happy watching the momma every day bring food to her babies, and then watching the babies making their way successfully out of the porch. Something I will always remember. Blessings to Minnesota!

    1. Birds are probably one of my favorite animals! I'm definitely taking videos of all the activity once it all gets going in the nest....exciting.:)

  3. I so look forward to robin updates - what a perfect view you have to all the proceedings. Your cookies are beautiful, as always.

    1. Thank you, Lisa.:) We just found out today that we have a cardinal nest outside of the front window that has 5 eggs in it! We are all so excited about it. No offense, but we are a little worried that the cats in the neighborhood may get at the nest. They've done it before.:(

  4. That is so cool!!! The birdies in your window. You better keep us posted with pics of the progress. =)

  5. Oh, Elisa, I am so sad. A crow or bluejay snatched the robin's eggs one by one so, of course, she has left the nest. A cardinal also built a nest in our mock orange bush by our front door. She laid 5 eggs, but lost 2 of them to a fell out of the nest....and the other was snatched. She has abandoned the other 3. Thus, our nature studies have come to a halt.


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